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The Building Blocks of Blockchain

A great TedX talk! It’s a little long but stay with it. Totally worth it!

Blockchain: Massively Simplified

Richie Etwaru, TEDxMorristown


 This great TEDx talk lays out all the basic ideas you need to know about blockchain—in language we can all actually understand.

Watch the video to learn more.

See Microservices in Action

A simple explanation that cuts through the hype.

How Does the Blockchain Work?


ABC how does blockchain work

 Not ready to watch the video? Try this written guide instead.

It offers a clear, non-technical introduction to what blockchain is, how it works, and where it’s going in the global economy.

“By leveraging blockchain, the insurance industry has a unique opportunity to revisit its entire value chain…”

Blockchain Could Make the Insurance Industry Much More Transparent

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business review


By leveraging blockchain, the insurance industry has a unique opportunity to revisit its entire value chain.

Find out how.

Solartis is breaking in….

Solartis Announces Proof of Insurance API on InsuranceLedger Blockchain



Solartis is breaking into the blockchain sector, and we want to bring the rest of our insurance colleagues with us!

Discover how Solartis is bringing the benefits of blockchain to our industry.

Solartis Insure™

The most Flexible Insurance Sales and Policy Administration System on the planet.
Our highly configurable, cloud-based Insurance technology is developed with your needs in mind!

The Solartis Insure platform is a complete set of insurance transaction micro webservices in a secure, redundant, enterprise-level cloud environment. These policy administration microservices (insurance APIs) span the entire sales and policy lifecycle process from initial rating and quoting to policy issuance and ongoing servicing.

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