Insure | February 20, 2017

Solartis Insure - Sandbox


You’re Invited to Play in Our Sandbox!
Check out Solartis Insure capabilities without any sales pressure.


The Solartis Insure Sandbox is where business analysts, developers and usability experts can go to assess our capabilities for themselves.

Choose the sandbox that is tailored to your unique needs:

Business Analyst Sandbox

Use the Solartis Business Analyst sandbox site to simulate how you can request and obtain ISO rating content (utilizing ISO ERC) via the Solartis Insure Rating API. This sandbox features a JSON request code for a sample set of inputs and the response code with its respective ISO response values and premiums. See for yourself how Solartis Insure is the fastest and easiest way to obtain ISO rating content!

Developer Sandbox

Given the pace of growth in the insurance technology space today, Developers are constantly looking for new ways to try out new technologies in their ecosystem. Our developer sandbox site allows you to use our Sales and Policy Life Cycle Web Services with ISO Electronic Rating Content. Download the .Net or Java package and quickly enable the sample code in your development environment.

User Experience Sandbox

Competing for your share of business is all about the user experience. Try examples of our total sales and policy administration systems. Quote, propose, pay and issue example policies for different lines of business and user types.


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