Risk & Policy Manager | July 27, 2016

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!

▶︎ Is Everyone on the Same Page?
▶︎ Together Everyone Achieves More
▶︎ Friends or Foes – Definitely Friends!
▶︎ Get it From the Source!

Is Everyone on the Same Page?

Corporate Compliance Insights

teamwork-solartis-risk-and-policy-manager-1920-1080Promoting Collaboration to Improve Risk Management

There can be a disconnect between the audit, compliance, and risk management functions of a business—reducing the efficiency of all three.

Learn how companies are encouraging collaboration to manage risk more effectively.

Together Everyone Achieves More


together-everyone-achieves-more-solartis-risk-and-policy-manager-300Top 5 Ways to Foster Team Collaboration

Effective teamwork is essential in risk management.

Use these 5 tips to foster collaboration and make sure everyone in your organization is working toward shared goals.

Friends or Foes – Definitely Friends!

Robert Half Management Resources

benefits-of-cfo-cio-collaboration-solartis-risk-and-policy-manager-960-5405 Ways CFO and CIO Collaboration Can Benefit the Business

Information technology is increasingly important in finance and risk management—making collaboration between the CFO and CIO essential.

Find out 5 ways to add value to this relationship.

Get it From the Source!

Solartis Video: The Advantage of Self-Service Functionality in Your Risk Management System

Self-service capabilities enable the risk manager to streamline administrative tasks and collaborate more effectively with brokers, carriers, covered participants, and other stakeholders.

Learn more in this 90-second video.

Solartis Risk and Policy Manager™ is an excellent alternative to RMIS and Policy Administration Systems. It Combines the Policy Functionality of both systems (plus more) into one cost effective Cloud System.

  • Have all your insurance information and documents in one place at your fingertips
  • Report accurate information to your leadership, regulatory bodies, and customers
  • Accurately allocate premium contributions to your covered participants
  • Collaborate with all the entities and folks that either need or have your insurance info

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