Risk & Policy Manager | September 1, 2016

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” - Heraclitus

▶︎ Captive Creativity
▶︎ IoT Complexity
▶︎ Does Your Organization Suffer from Process ROT?
▶︎ Risk Data Changes Constantly: How Do You Keep Track?

Captive Creativity

Risk Management

captive-creativity-risk-management-solartis-960-540The many options and potential benefits of forming a captive

The captive insurance market continues to expand, both in the United States and globally. According to the NAIC, nearly all Fortune 500 companies have captive subsidiaries today.

Read about some of the innovative ways companies are using captives. 

IoT Complexity

Risk Management

iot-complexity-risk-management-solartis-960-540Escape the quagmire!

An increasing number of connected devices will bring new risks to business of all kinds.

Find out how to stay secure as the internet of things expands. 

Does Your Organization Suffer from Process ROT?

Corporate Compliance Insights

does-your-organization-suffer-from-process-rot-corporate-compliance-insights-solartis-960-540Don’t worry—there’s a cure!

Are your business processes hampered by redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) information?

Learn the telltale signs of ROT—and what you can do to fix it.

Risk Data Changes Constantly: How Do You Keep Track?

Solartis Keep your finger on the pulse!

With so many different data points to track, getting everything up-to-date in time for policy renewal is always a challenge.

Discover how you can get the latest data at your fingertips.

Solartis Risk and Policy Manager™ is an excellent alternative to RMIS and Policy Administration Systems. It Combines the Policy Functionality of both systems (plus more) into one cost effective Cloud System.

  • Have all your insurance information and documents in one place at your fingertips
  • Report accurate information to your leadership, regulatory bodies, and customers
  • Accurately allocate premium contributions to your covered participants
  • Collaborate with all the entities and folks that either need or have your insurance info

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