Risk & Policy Manager | June 22, 2016

Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) Made Simple

Build a Strategic Plan to Drive Down TCOR

Business Insurance

take-control-of-risk-by-focusing-on-tcor-solartis-risk-and-policy-manager-600-338Take Control of Risk by Focusing on TCOR

It is increasingly common for organizations to scrutinize their total cost of risk (TCOR)—but do you know how to develop a measure of TCOR that is relevant to your business?

Learn how to measure TCOR in relation to the type of business and risks involved.

Bottom Line – A Well Managed Risk Simply Costs Less

The Insider

7-things-you-need-to-know-about-tcor-solartis-risk-and-policy-manager-600-3387 Things You Need to Know About TCOR

Trying to reduce your TCOR?

These 7 tips will help you in key areas such as benchmarking and developing an actionable plan to reduce costs.

And the Survey Says…

Risk Management Monitor

after-3-years-of-increases-total-cost-of-risk-down-1-percent-solartis-risk-and-policy-manager-190-248After 3 Years of Increases, Total Cost of Risk Down 1%

Surplus capacity and rising competition in the insurance marketplace are expected to drive down costs in the short-term.

Review more key findings from the most recent RIMS Benchmark Survey.

Improve TCOR By Incorporating Policy Information Into Your RMIS

David Tweedy - Bickmore TCOR Calculations Made Easy

Risk management systems have traditionally come from claims management and their design has naturally been claims-oriented, with less focus on managing insurance policy information.

Learn how an underwriting perspective helps organizations measure TCOR accurately.Solartis Risk and Policy Manager™ is an excellent alternative to RMIS and Policy Administration Systems. It Combines the Policy Functionality of both systems (plus more) into one cost effective Cloud System.

  • Have all your insurance information and documents in one place at your fingertips
  • Report accurate information to your leadership, regulatory bodies, and customers
  • Accurately allocate premium contributions to your covered participants
  • Collaborate with all the entities and folks that either need or have your insurance info

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