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Solartis Insure Rating Microservice

Increase speed-to-market and flexibility when launching innovative insurance products.

Apply the latest developments in software architecture to your insurance rating to reduce project risks and maximize speed-to-market. Get greenfield products to market in 90 days or less. Connect to IoT devices and third-party platforms to build truly innovative insurance programs. 

Download the Solartis Rating Microservice Fact Sheet to understand how microservice technology can work for you.

Download the Rating Microservice Fact Sheet

Microservices Architecture Applied to Insurance Rating

rating microservice fact sheet

Download the Solartis Rating Microservice Fact Sheet

This sales resource contains more information on the following:

  • How to extend your sales reach
  • How to render your user interface using metadata microservices
  • How to differentiate yourself with technology
  • How to consume ISO ERC and make it work for you

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