Insurance Microservices

Insurers can shorten insurance product delivery timelines, decrease development costs, increase organizational agility, and future-proof their technology by adopting microservices architecture for policy administration.

Solartis' complete microservices catalog includes submission and quote APIs, policy lifecycle APIs, document generation APIs and more.

The flexibility of this architectural approach means you can use the APIs that fill in the gaps of your current infrastructure. Depending on your development resources, Solartis Insure can supplement or substantiate your policy administration software completely. Gone are the days of being limited by legacy and inflexible policy administration systems.

See the power of microservices for your own insurance organization. Fill out the form at right to play in our microservices sandbox.

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Insurance Microservices

Solartis was a title sponsor at ITC 2018. Hear from Solartis President & CEO, Nick Richardson, expand on what microservices are and why they are important for insurance organizations.

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Future-proof your insurance core systems with microservices.


Launch profitable insurance products in a fraction of the time and on-budget. You'll also be prepared for inevitable insurance industry changes with modern software architecture.

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Not ready to play in the sandbox? Download our microservices guide.

  • An overview of the changing insurance landscape
  • Insurance market pain points that can be alleviated with microservices
  • Driving P&C ROI with microservice architecture
  • An overview of Solartis Insure: microservice-enabled and market-tested policy administration software
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Microservice Architecture for Insurance

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Play in the Solartis microservices sandbox for access to our APIs. Our solutions help you build out the entire policy lifecycle, from quoting and underwriting to billing/payment, certificates, renewal, and more. 

Click here to use our microservices APIs free of charge for 30 days. 


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