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Solartis Insure supports full reporting and analysis for all data stored or imported into the Solartis Insure Platform.

All data that is associated with the policy administration process and that resides in the Solartis platform (i.e., carriers, agents, LOBs, states, policies, coverages, transactions, premiums, user activity, etc.) is available for reporting. Solartis will work with you during the requirements phase of your project to ensure all data needed for reporting will be available in the Solartis Platform.

“With microservices and other Insurtech innovations, the insurance industry is now able to rethink how insurance fits into the fabric of our personal and business lives. The ultimate winner will be the customer.”

Nick Richardson

Solartis President and CEO

Solartis provides 3 different ways of generating extracts/reports:

The Solartis Reporting Platform

A collection of a predefined set of OLAP Cubes for Quote and Policies for business users to develop and generate their own custom reports with capabilities of Pivoting and exporting data in various formats.

Predefined reports: Pentaho Community Edition

Solartis will provide or configure a set of predefined reports using our selected open-source tool, Pentaho Community Edition. Should you choose this option, Solartis can configure a set of predefined reports for you. These reports will be developed based on your unique requirements / provided templates. Here are some example reports we have previously produced:

  • Bordeaux Reports
  • Jurisdiction / Compliance Reporting
  • Activity production Reports
  • Aggregate Reports
  • Hit Ratio Reports
  • Transaction Reports
  • Invoicing Reports
  • Payment Reports
  • API metric reports
  • Compliance Reports
  • Policy Register Reports
  • Premium Reports
  • Etc.

Near-real-time replicated reporting database instance

We provide a near-real-time replicated reporting database instance for customers to develop their own reports using their own reporting tool. (i.e. Microsoft Power BI, Cognos, Crystal).

Holistic Insurance Lifecycle Reporting

Monitor performance of insurance products to gain valuable insights and maximize organizational profitability. Users can access and visualize all data within the Solartis microservices platform including all transaction activity, payment, invoicing, channel partner and user activity, compliance, and hit ratio reports. We provide these as standard reports and can create custom reports based on your unique requirements.

Utilize Existing Business Intelligence Tools

Easily integrate Solartis’ policy administration system with your existing reporting tools for a faster rollout, including Microsoft Power BI, Pentaho Enterprise, Cognos, and Crystal. Microservices architecture allows users to set up reporting technologies quickly for improved software adoption.

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