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Solartis Insure - Our Policy Administration Platform:

Solartis Insure is an API-centric policy administration platform built from the ground up on microservice architecture. The platform is deployed in cloud infrastructure and supports the full policy life cycle process (e.g., submission, rate, quote, refer, bind, ePay, issue, renew, endorse, cancel, reinstate, audit, etc.).

Solartis supports all P&C personal and commercial admitted and non-admitted lines of business. Our customers access our microservices through Solartis provided screens or via API calls from their tech platforms.

Since every company has unique policy administration needs, we make our policy life cycle microservices available in three different delivery options:

  • Solartis Insure Function as a Service (FaaS) - This “only what you need” option allows you to mix and match, choosing only the services that you need.

  • Platform-as-a-Services (PaaS) - This “Solartis Inside” option provides our stateful sales and policy life cycle microservices (accessed through APIs) without the user interface.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) - This “total solution” option provides all the needed sales and policy life cycle capabilities (microservices) including the user interface, business flow, required integrations, and reporting database.

Solartis Administer - our Business Process Outsourcing Services:

Solartis Administer is a true people + technology solution, combining best-in-class human resources with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology and a Solartis proprietary workflow engine. Solartis customers use our BPO services to support all back-office processing needs.

It allows carriers and insurance administrators to hit the ground running for new books of business that are not yet ready for automation or they are used on existing books of business to eliminate the processing challenges of their legacy systems (backlogs, duplicate entry needs, quality problem, resource retention issues, etc.).

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