InsureTech Connect Videos

Solartis was proud to be a Title Sponsor at ITC. Below are video clips from our workshop at ITC where executives and thought leaders in the insurance industry share insights on how they make IT decisions, the impact of microservices on their offerings, and how to handle technology challenges.

How Can Insurers Differentiate with Microservices?

Hear from Solartis CEO Nick Richardson, Starr Companies CIO Mike Toran, and Celent Research Director Donald Light regarding how Insurers can differentiate themselves from their competition with microservices.

Tips for Decomposing Monolithic Core Insurance Systems

Hear from Solartis CEO Nick Richardson and Starr Companies CIO Mike Toran who explain how to transition from monolithic software architecture to microservices at ITC.

Nick Richardson on Microservices for Insurance

Learn about what microservices are and how they are used in the insurance industry. Nick Richardson, President and CEO of Solartis speaks on the matter at InsureTech Connect.

Build vs. Buy and the Insurance Customer Experience

Hear from Embroker CEO Matt Miller on the build vs. buy debate. What should you outsource to qualified third-party vendors and what should you build in-house? How should you make those decisions?

What are Microservices and Why Do They Matter?

What are microservices and how can they be applied to insurance software? Learn why microservices matter and how they impact sustainable technology practices for insurers and startups.

Technology Advice for Insurtechs

What should startups in the insurance technology industry focus on? How should they build their software? Hear from Mark Dennis, European CEO of Munich Re Digital Partners, and get his advice on these topics.

How Microservices Support Rapid Product Launch for Insurtechs

Learn how microservices support insurtechs and make launching innovative insurance product quickly simple. Hear from Tyrre Burks, Founder of Player's Health, regarding how microservices help him focus on core competencies.

Digital Transformation and Organizational Changes with Microservices

What are the challenges insurance organizations face when undergoing digital transformation? Adopting microservices architecture for policy administration has many benefits, but there are both technological and organizational challenges that must be handled.

Insurance APIs and Open API Architecture

Learn more about the impact of insurance APIs on traditional insurers and startups. What do these organizations stand to gain from building policy administration software using modern software architecture?