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The Solartis Insure Cloud-Native Tech Stack

Our cloud-native microservices are designed, developed and deployed independently. They all support versioning and run standalone, distributed, clustered and federated model.

The technology described in the stack are used for architecting, designing and building cloud-native, flexible, plug & playable, high-performing, distributable, scalable microservices. These microservices are used for building insurance business processes deployable in cloud environments. Our technology and platform support organizational growth, easy implementation, and quick maintenance of insurance products. Explore our sandboxes to test different microservices to build a customized insurance solution that meets your customers' needs.

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Custom Application Tier

This is a logical tier for our customers to interface with Solartis Insure PaaS microservices to build their own applications and custom business processes

These applications can be developed by the customer’s internal IT team or by a system integrator partner

Applications can be developed using any computer language, application framework or software platform that supports invocation of RESTful web services (e.g., Java, .NET/C#, Perl, PHP, etc.)

Customer can deploy their applications or custom business processes integrated with Solartis Insure PaaS microservices on any cloud environment, platform or infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, customer’s own private cloud platform or any other cloud platform which allows invoking web services over TLS 1.2

Web Tier

Enables Solartis Insure Software as a Service (SaaS) system and Solartis Insure Platform as a Service (PaaS) system

Solartis Insure SaaS system provides entire UI/UX for the business process
  • Solartis SaaS systems are developed over Java EE 7 using JSF framework enabled using Primefaces
  • Built by orchestrating with Solartis PaaS microservices Solartis Insure SaaS system produces HTML 5 output

Solartis Insure PaaS system microservices are exposed as RESTful webservices through this tier
  • Solartis Insure PaaS system consumes & produces JSON and XML
  • Solartis SaaS system is enabled using the same PaaS microservices

This tier is deployed over RedHat JBoss EAP 7.x Cluster for clustered deployments for enabling elastic scalability

Service Tier

This is the Solartis Insure Microservices Platform Tier. This tier enables individual microservices for building applications and business processes by orchestration

Examples of software components used in this tier are:
  • Java Enterprise Edition (EE) 7 components
  • JBoss BPMS for the Solartis Knowledge Bases
  • Solartis proprietary data management questioning/application engine for policy lifecycle management
  • Solartis proprietary configuration engine for configuring customer products
  • Uses Hibernate for data persistence Integrates with IBM Watson/Conversation System for chatbot
  • Integrates with IBM NLU for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Integration, Messaging, and External Orchestration Tier

Apache ActiveMQ for asynchronous integration using store & forward by queuing and also by publish & subscribe model

Apache Camel for orchestration with external system

Hyperledger Fabric for secure distributed ledger platform for Blockchain enablement

DocuSign integration for eSignature

Kettle for ETL

Database Tier

Constantly updating and upgrading as new technology becomes available

Oracle MySQL 8
  • Data getting backed up hourly and daily
  • Data getting replicated instantly within the same data center for performance and availability to use for write vs. read vs. reporting access

Alfresco for document management & document store

Cloudbase for Hyperledger

Pentaho for Reporting

Operating System Tier

Constantly updating and upgrading as new technology becomes available

Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.x

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Data Center edition

Virtualization Tier

Constantly evolving and enabling different platforms at different environments as new technology becomes available

Microsoft Hyper-V Private Cloud virtualization platform

VMWare vSphere 6.x

OpenStack Nova, Neutron, Swift

Data Center Tier

Multiple mirrored data centers for High Availability and business continuity

Each data center is enabled in High Availability mode

Mirrored data centers with same set of hardware/network/storage infrastructure

Data getting replicated instantly across data centers

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