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The Solartis Insure Platform is Designed, Developed, and Deployed based on a microservice-driven architecture model.

image2In the Solartis Insure Platform, the UI/UX is completely separate from our business functional components/services as webservice driven microservices. The UI/UX is an orchestration layer that glues all microservices to quickly build and/or rebuild UI/UX for a different set of user groups if required. All business layer components are enabled as granular stateless microservices which can be deployed in a clustered environment that provides unlimited scalability. The Solartis Insure Platform components/services are partitioned N+1 tier-based architecture where scalability and extend-ability are unlimited for extending new services/components and for deployment for High Availability (HA). Each of the Solartis Insure Microservices are enabled natively and independently from the ground up on the cloud. They support federated architecture which allows orchestration and interoperability between heterogeneous systems with integration over the cloud without dependency with other microservices. They are invokable from any cloud infrastructure platform such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

Each Solartis Insure Microservice is independently subscribe-able over the cloud. They are elastically scalable by themselves without dependencies to other microservices or systems. Each microservice is independently designed, developed, deployed. They run standalone and are maintained on independent clustered environments without dependency with other services.

Solartis core platform framework is developed using Java Enterprise Edition 6(JEE 6). Each of the Solartis Insure Platform microservices are enabled on top of BPMN 2.0 driven jBPM ruleflows and Knowledgebase servers. Every business service is associated to a business user-friendly BPMN 2.0 driven jBPM ruleflows. Behind the ruleflow task, collection framework plug-ins are provided to common services like database access, send mail, document generation, etc. Solartis Insure Microservices are deployed on JBOSS Enterprise Application Platform (JBOSS EAP 7.x) in clustered mode.

The Solartis Platform uses Oracle's MySQL Enterprise Server 8 for managing and maintain transactional and configuration data. In addition, it uses Apache Camel and ActiveMQ for asynchronous processing. Apache FOP using XSL/FO and Microsoft Word DocX for document authoring and document generation. In addition, uses Alfresco for document management, Pentaho for reporting and Kettle for ETL.

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