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Microservices are shaking up the insurance industry, by breaking down the barriers to doing business.

Microservice Architecture for Insurance

insurance microservices vs. monolith diagram

Compare Monolithic Architecture to Microservices

Monolithic policy administration systems group UI/UX, business logic, and the data access layer together in one complex, unscalable software environment.

Our solutions help you build out the entire policy lifecycle, from quoting and underwriting to billing/payment, certificates, renewal, and more as individual microservices. Each microservice is independently deployable, subscribable, and scalable in compliance with your unique technology requirements.

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Launch innovative, integrated insurance products in half the time with microservices architecture.

Historically, insurers have handled core insurance functions such as sales, underwriting, and claims management on inflexible and independently operated technology platforms. However, a recent shift to microservices architecture is making insurers rethink how they operate.

The microservices model breaks insurance functions into individual business services. These individual components can be maintained and deployed independently to create a highly customized and high-performing insurance product.

Solartis Insure reduces time-to-market for insurance products that are both flexible and future-proofed. Our microservices foundation enables teams to explore new business models quickly and build front-end user experiences that delight customers.

Benefits of Microservices

Get to market quicker to beat competitors

Solartis Insure microservices enable insurers to launch insurance products twice as fast compared to traditional insurance software deployments. Microservices easily integrate with APIs from other industries and can easily be combined and configured to meet specific business needs.

Build better customer products

Traditional policy administration software comes with a hidden price tag: the inability to rapidly respond to new and innovative product offerings and distribution channels. A microservices architecture provides custom product options and extends your reach to other industries to generate business at the point of need.

Optimize speed and performance

Solartis customers have increased the speed of their customer-facing applications by up to 100%. A microservices architecture like Solartis Insure is the foundation for a high-performing insurance business process. Microservices are independently deployable and modular.

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