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A Smart Option That Complements Your Enterprise Technology Investment, Rather Than Replacing It

Independently Managed, Deployed, and Subscribed

Unlike other insurance rating systems in the marketplace today, Solartis’ rating microservice is both flexible and comprehensive. These two characteristics often come at odds with each other in older technology platforms.

Most rating engines in the market today are heavy, tightly coupled, and difficult to integrate with which dictates their expensive price tag. Not only are these monolithic rating systems costly due to their architecture, but their performance and extendibility are limited as well. In order to get the most out of an insurance rating system, it must be modern, cost-effective, extendable, fast, and efficient.

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Electronic Consumption of ISO ERC

Traditional ISO

  • Dozens of departments involved in consuming thousands of pages of circular data

  • Spend upwards of 1,300 manhours to complete a product change based on new ISO content


  • Analyze hundreds of non-executable ISO ERC files depending on states and coverages 

  • Mitigates the burdens of traditional methods for using ISO content, but does not eliminate them

Solartis Consumption of ISO ERC

  • View, analyze, and manipulate commercials LOBs content across all states from a graphical representation or downloadable spreadsheets. 

  • Solartis PMT, user-friendly cloud-based software to build and maintain insurance products with ease

  • Executable ISO Electronic RatingContent via Solartis API calls

Cost-Effective Insurance Rating System

The tides are turning as the traditional insurance company is now pressured to keep up with the agile insurtechs. But many carriers have legacy technology that is holding them back. If their policy administration system is monolithic, they’re already behind the curve. They need a way to leverage their existing technology investments, enable innovation, be cost-effective and flexible enough to compete in this new digital world.

The good news is there is a solution. Adding or using true microservice technology for your rating component provides numerous benefits you will not achieve with your legacy policy admin system. Configuring the rating content is quick and easy. Via JSON API calls, the microservice seamlessly integrates with your existing technology as well as other third-party tech platforms and devices. To learn more about bringing products to market quickly using microservices, the “How To Launch Insurance Products Faster with Microservices” eBook.

The Solartis rating microservice is just one of the Solartis policy life cycle microservices. View our extensive microservices catalog to see how impactful microservices architecture can be to your decision-making process when purchasing insurance tech systems or components. You can pick and choose “a la carte” the specific functions required to be successful and only pay for the microservices you need.

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Microservices Architecture and the Insurance Paradigm Shift eBook

In this eBook, we'll discuss the following:

  • An overview of the changing insurance landscape

  • Insurance trends in support of microservices

  • Driving P&C ROI with microservice architecture

  • An overview of Solartis Insure: microservice-enabled and market-tested policy administration software

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Leverage Third Party Content Where Appropriate

Using third-party content just makes sense. It reduces project risks and timelines, improves accuracy, and reduces keystrokes for end users. ISO Electronic Rating Content (ERC) is a perfect example. Electronic consumption of the ISO rates, rules, and forms into your rating service vastly improves insurance product onboarding and maintenance for all commercial property & casualty lines of business.

Learn More about Solartis Electronic Consumption of ISO ERC data.

Fast and Efficient Insurance Rating Systems

System users expect their interactions with their technology platform to be both intuitive and lightning fast. When the insurance rating engine is part of a monolithic platform, executing a premium on thousands of risks significantly inhibits application performance and user productivity. On the contrary, using a microservice-based rating system provides a better user experience and more policy processing in less time. With a true rating microservice, gone are the days of waiting three-plus minutes for your vehicle fleet or property schedule to return a premium!