Solving Your Policy Administration Challenges with the Right Combination of Technology and People

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Blending Technology and On-demand Resources for Policy Administration Excellence

Solartis offers both progressive technology and on-demand administrative services, or a combination of both, to solve your policy administration challenges.

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Launch an Innovative Jewelry Appraisal System in 6 Months with Microservices

  • Generate free automated appraisals in 7 minutes or less
  • Avoid the liability concerns associated with traditional appraisals
  • Learn how customers can appraise, insure, and purchase jewelry in a single visit

This case study showcases how Solartis partnered with BriteCo to expedite insurance appraisals and purchases for jewelry items through an automated approach leveraging microservices.

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Solartis has both the software and the people to ensure your insurance organization is ready for maximum impact and profitability. We offer free, limited-time access to our microservices sandboxes for Developers, Business Analysts, and User Experience Experts to explore on their own.

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