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Solartis Administer FAQ

Tell us about your Solartis Administer / BPO Services?

Solartis Administer is a true people + technology solution, combining best-in-class human resources with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology and a Solartis proprietary workflow engine. Solartis customers use our BPO services to support all back-office processing needs. It allows carriers and insurance administrators to hit the ground running for new books of business that are not yet ready for automation or they are used on existing books of business to eliminate the processing challenges of their legacy systems (backlogs, duplicate entry needs, quality problem, resource retention issues, etc.).

What tasks / activities do you currently support?

Process Group Process Details Sample
Turn-around Times
Submissions Submissions (clearance, setup, email acknowledgement to agent/UW) 30 min to 2 hrs
Submissions OCR Support / data backfill (submissions and rating) 30 min to 2 hrs
Submissions Submission clearance in carrier system 2 hr
Submissions Submission blocking 2 hr to 24 hrs
Binding Authority Vendor System Rating (New and Renewal) 24 hr
Binding Authority Policy Issuance varies by carrier
Binding Authority Policy Stamping for Surplus Lines Policies 24 hr
Binding Authority Endorsements (premium and non-premium/all lines of business) 72 hr
Binding Authority Send required documentation to Carrier 24 hr
Binding Authority Carrier Bordereaux data entry and submittal monthly
Brokerage Brokerage Policy - verification, stamping, email to agent 24-48 hr
Brokerage Brokerage Endorsements - billing, verification, stamping, email to agent 24-48 hr
Brokerage Policy Follow ups for missing Brokerage policies 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Non-Renewal Notices 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Direct Notice of Cancellation 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Cancellation Rescissions 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Lost Policy Release 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Email to Retail Agents 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Premium Finance Agreement Entry 72 hr
Brokerage/Binding Renewal submission 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Renewal file setup (rater, quote, loss runs, request app) 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Quote shell creation (New and Renewal) 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Filing, sorting, categorizing correspondence for sales staff 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Bind and invoice new and renewal business 8 to 24 hrs
Brokerage/Binding Follow up for completed Tax Forms from agent 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Auto ID Card generation 8 hr
Brokerage/Binding Renewal Loss Runs 24 hr
Brokerage/Binding Adhoc Loss Runs 24 hr
Claims Acknowledgement to Agent 24 hr
Claims Notice to Carrier 24 hr
Inspections Inspection Ordering 24 hr
Inspections Inspection Report Review (all lines of business) 72 hr
Inspections Follow up for completed Inspections Recommendations 24 hr
Accounting Accounting data entry processes 24 hr
Accounting Billing Corrections 72 hr
Accounting Commission Corrections 72 hr
Accounting Carrier Receivable 24 hr
Accounting Carrier Disbursement 2x per month
Accounting Vendor Invoice reconciliation 1x per month
Tax File Tax Affidavits (all states) 24 hr
Tax Tax entry into state systems 24 hr
Tax Send required Tax documents to states 24 hr
All Departments Update Broker / Agent details in system 24 hr
All Departments Updating Broker License details 24 hr
All Departments Projects as needed as directed by customer

Are you using any RPA (Robotic Processing Automation) technologies in your BPO services?

Yes, We use RPA in our BPO services, as it makes the outsourced processes more efficient. Tasks are completed more quickly, and with minimal human involvement. RPA also fits into existing software, processes, and procedures. This means that it accommodates legacy software, without requiring expensive upgrades, integrations, or retrofitting.

Can you provide us with examples of how Solartis uses RPA as part your BPO services?

1. RPA is used in our Submission Clearance Processes:

How it works:

  • A Large number of submission requests are received from the Solartis customer to be cleared in their system 
  • RPA is used to extract specific data from the request into a queue to be worked (first in first out). 
  • If needed, missing data can be manually entered by a Solartis team member prior to final clearance. 
  • RPA then clears the risk and sends an acknowledgment email. 

The Result/ Benefits: 

  • Automated, Accuracy, Faster Processing, Improved Customer Service

2. RPA is used for re-keying of data that contains lots of entry points

How it works

  • Using RPA, Rate sheet data is scanned and electronically entered into an Excel spreadsheet. 
  • If needed, missing data is manually entered by a Solartis team member. 
  • Once all required data points are complete, RPA electronically enters the data points into the applicable database/system 

The Result/Benefits: Automated, Faster processing, higher quality, no user errors

How do you price your BPO services?

Our pricing is transaction-based so you only pay for what we process for you. This saves you money compared to a traditional FTE model where you pay whether there is work available or not. We figure out with you the measure of use that most accurately reflects the unit of work. Sometimes it is per policy, other times per quote or some other measure of transaction volume. Whatever works best for you.

How is information on your activities shared with us?

Solartis Administer is more than just a people solution. We are a technology and people solution. We give you access to our OptimX (proprietary workflow engine) to provide you with total transparency into all our activities. View real-time reports and drill down into our BPO activities on all tasks we process for you. We can also extend OptimX for your use so we can coordinate all tasks associated with your full policy life cycle process, whether they are performed by your team or ours.

Why OptimX? (from a Management perspective):

  • Track the current Tasks to be completed
  • Review performance for various processes – SLA’s
    • Date Range
    • Multi-level drill down
  • Identify potential areas for improvement (Exception reductions, SOP Enhancements)

Why OptimX? (from a Delivery/Production perspective):

  • Assign tasks based on Turnaround time and priority rules
  • Ensure no tasks fall through the crack
  • Triggers next processes/tasks based on rules
  • Hand over tasks from one user to another 
  • Set diaries/reminders for follow-ups
  • Audit the work based on the skill set of the users and the maturity of the process

How do we get started?

Give us a try with one of your backlogged or challenging business processes. Let’s do a trial to see if Solartis Administer is right for you.  Here’s how we get started:


Step 1 - Determine the Initial Project

  1. Identify scope/project parameters
  2. Define targeted improvements (i.e., cost, quality, turnaround time)
  3. Step through the current business process / review existing documentation

Step 2 - Prepare for the 2-week trial (1 to 3-day onsite visit)

  1. Solartis meets with your Subject Matter Experts to refine or create the business process documentation
  2. Leverage existing documentation/artifacts (if applicable)
  3. Identify process improvements.
  4. Obtain volume and peak volume information (i.e., monthly transactions etc).
  5. Determine technology/connectivity protocols
  6. Identify resource and communication requirements (Customer and Solartis).
  7. Define Service Level agreements, quality assurance measures, and reporting requirements.
  8. Agree on a trial timeline, process, and activities (test data to be used, QA process, etc.)

Step 3 - Two Week Trial

  1. On agreed test data
  2. Utilize documented business processes (adjust if needed).
  3. Assess turnaround timelines.
  4. Fine-tune communication protocols and QA activities.
  5. Run trial reports.

Step 4 – Proposal Development

  1. Document Scope of Services.
  2. Document terms, costs, QA requirements, and Service Level Agreement.
  3. Include a three-month “opt-out” clause.

Trial Deliverables

  1. Business Process Documentation for Customer
    1. In-scope processes
    2. Procedures and guidelines
    3. Roles and Responsibilities
    4. Exception Resolution/Escalation
  1. Trained Solartis staff.
  2. Established and tested technology links between Solartis and Customer.
  3. Documented reporting requirements.
  4. Pricing Proposal, License, and Service Level Agreement for Solartis BPO Services.

Go Live!

What are the benefits of using your Solartis Administer (BPO) Services?

Business Processing Challenge Solartis Administer Benefits
Business Growth
  • Immediate (On-Demand) availability of skilled resources
  • Faster transition of processes (improve knowledge retention and
    reduce backlog)
  • 100% Insurance focused resources and skills
  • Leverage your existing technology and administrative assets
Fluctuating Business Volumes
  • Eliminate chronic backlog problems
  • Process tasks as soon as received.
  • Transactional Pricing: Pay for only the work performed. (i.e. Transaction-based pricing by business process)
  • On-Demand Staffing
  • Eliminate hiring, training, and staff turnover costs
  • Ability to re-allocate resources to higher value/critical tasks
  • Improve quality of each task. All critical processes are internally
    sampled and audited for Quality Control and Assurance.
  • Create consistency, one agreed process for all (thoroughly documented and approved).
  • Ongoing continual process improvement process.
Response time
  • Real-time
  • Overnight
  • 24 hours
Achieving Excellence
  • Underwriters can focus on improved underwriting and customer service skills delink from the clerical activities
  • Recognize and respond to business and processing trends
  • Once the process is stabilized, address – internal issues e.g., turnover, re-training, process improvements, etc.

Tell us about your BPO Team.

Solartis works exclusively in the Insurance Industry. Rigorous hiring standards, formal training and monitoring programs with a passion for excellence ensures that Solartis Administer is a leader in Insurance Operations processing.


Hiring the best

An employee is carefully recruited based on their education, aptitude, reasoning, listening, communication skills, and work ethic. As a result, our customer experiences excellent results and consider each Solartis Administer team member to be an extension of their own in-house staff. 


Training & Monitoring

Our entire team is trained using our Insurance Mentoring Methodology which provides one-on-one instruction through a formalized program that emphasizes personal responsibility, information security, and quality control.


Service Excellence 

Our documented business processes, quality assurance procedures and service level standards are the three keys to our service excellence.

Why should we consider Solartis Administer?

  • Our customers include Insurance Carriers, Program Administrators, Brokers and Self-insured Organizations.  Every Solartis Customer is a Solartis reference.
  • Solartis has a singular focus on insurance policy administrative tasks and activities. This has been our focus since our founding in 2004.  Our 800+ employees are all dedicated to the insurance business.    
  • Our documented business processes, quality assurance procedures and service levels commitments have evolved overtime and are proven.  Our insurance carrier, program administrator and broker customers empower us every day to process their time sensitive critical tasks and activities.  
  • Our services fit you, not the other way around.  Flexible, mix and match services to support you where you need it on your system or ours. 
  • You will be assigned a US based account manager and all our activities are totally transparent.  We meet with your team on an agreed basis and we provide daily, weekly and/or monthly reports as follows:  
    • List of tasks we process for you 
    • Processed volumes
    • Turnaround time 
    • Quality 
    • Questions we need to ask you
  • We support for all E&S and admitted commercial, personal lines and program business and are fluent in many processing systems and platforms.
  • Solartis Administer can be used as a strategic or stopgap solution to help meet your short and long-term processing needs. 

What technology and Security Precautions are in place?

  • No hardware or software to purchase
  • We use your technology or ours to deliver the services - you choose
  • High level of information and physical security precautions and procedures
    • Fully insured
    • Data Privacy tools and practices 
    • Operational security procedures and practices 
    • Incident Response Plans

How can I learn more about Solartis Administer?

How can I learn more about Solartis Administer?

Contact a member of our team.