Case Study

Disruptive Innovation in Jewelery Insurance

Learn how BriteCo extended its tools and third-party platforms in 6 months with microservices technology.

With their new platform, jewelers are enabled to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction

Solartis recently partnered with BriteCo to create a unique value-adding insurance technology ecosystem for jewelry insurance leveraging microservices.

However, a policy administration lifecycle built on a microservices architecture allows both established insurance companies and insurtech startups to support the entire quote and policy lifecycle. Using a microservices catalog, companies can choose from a range of specialized applications to find the best functionality for each feature, and ultimately build insurance products to fit any need.

Download the case study to get insights on how Solartis & BriteCo's disruptive innovation streamlined and improved the appraisal process for customers, retailers, and insurers alike.

What you'll find in the case study: 

  • How we launched the platform in 6 months using a microservices approach
  • How the solution easily extends to both BriteCo’s tool and other third-party platforms
  • How jewelers, customers, and insurers all benefit from quick appraisal

Launch Insurance Products Quickly with Microservices

Learn how BriteCo leveraged microservices to improve customer satisfaction.

Expedite Jewelry Appraisals with Microservices

BriteCo case study


Today, the process of purchasing insurance for jewelry items is cumbersome, costly, and time consuming. Traditional appraisal techniques require manual lookup of prices, comparables, and retail markups by the jeweler — a job that is typically done by the insurance company. 

Due to this tedious process, appraisal requests pile up and often leave customers without property insurance. Additionally, concerns around appraisal liability and selecting the correct value is difficult and challenging.