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Solartis Administer: On-Demand 24/7 Staffing Solutions

The Business Challenge

A multi-regional US customer experienced large growth in both their personal and commercial lines business. Even with excellent systems and business processes in place, this growth, coupled with hiring, training and staff turnover issues challenged their strong reputation of superior service.

The Result

Our customer implemented Solartis Administer services in areas of the company that generally had a high turnover employee rate (e.g., back office administrative tasks, policy issuance activities, endorsement processing, etc…) This allowed our customer to reallocate strong resources to higher value activities and allowed for natural attrition. No staff reduction activities were needed. It also changed their staffing model to On-Demand which addressed fluctuating business volume processing costs and challenges.

The Solution

Solartis team members worked side by side with this customer’s operational staff. Using the customer’s existing processing systems, we started out slow and assumed additional business processes over time. This allowed our customer to assess our capabilities, the quality of our team, and the accuracy of our work before making a large commitment in this new On-Demand business model.

The Solartis Edge

On Demand 24/7 Staffing – Addressed the problems experienced with staff fluctuations and reduced turn-around time.

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