Case Study

Combine Solartis BPO Services with Solartis Technology To Hit The Ground Running

Learn how CHIC hit the ground running with our BPO Services while we implemented their Solartis Insure Policy Administration Platform.

Advanced policy administration support combining people and technology

CHIC (an automotive insurer) was limited by inefficient, manual, paper-based processes; and needed a faster, simpler policy administration system to remain competitive, better serve existing customers, and support growth.

This combination of people and technology solutions improved:

  • Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Scalability

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Learn how a combination of BPO and microservices can accelerate digital transformation for your business today.

Solartis Helps CHIC’s Auto Insurance Program Cut Processing Time by More Than 75 Percent

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Starting with Solartis Administer, the company outsourced policy administration tasks to eliminate the growing backlog and realized a 75% improvement in processing time.

Next, CHIC partnered with Solartis to build a digital policy administration solution based on microservices - breaking down monolithic policy administration systems to discrete components, which can then be utilized for a fully customized solution.

Problems Solartis Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solves

Slow Turnaround Time

Process transactions with remarkable speed and efficiency for streamlined operations and improved customer experience.

Data Entry Inaccuracy & Errors

Ensure data entry is accurate and errors are fixed at the ground level with Solartis’s proprietary maker/checker model.

Exorbitant FTE Costs

Pay only for the work that is done using Solartis Administer’s transaction-based pricing model.

Understand the Problems You'll Solve by Partnering with Solartis for Insurance BPO

Solartis has both the people and the tools to ensure your insurance organization is ready for maximum impact and profitability. We offer best-in-class insurance BPO services which will eliminate your backlog in weeks and provide you with on-demand staffing resources which account for fluctuating business volumes.

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