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Engage with Solartis to power your insurance innovation


Stay future-focused in the competitive race to launch insurance products faster

Insurtech startups are driving innovation and disruption in the insurance industry. Use the Solartis microservices architecture to bring your insurance products to market faster and scale your efforts in more critical business initiatives.

Solartis enables insurtechs to launch innovative, high-performing products with microservice architecture. With decades of experience in the insurance industry, we understand that traditional monolithic policy administration systems might not fit your unique needs. With a microservice foundation, you can quickly see your creativity through to the end and cut speed-to-market in half.

Focus on your core technology

Rely on Solartis’ decades of experience in the insurance industry to craft a bespoke microservices approach to fit your unique needs.

Eliminate monolithic policy administration system costs

Don’t be burdened by the exorbitant costs associated with large, established policy systems.

Beat competitors and get to market quicker

Launch lean, innovative products in less time with the backing of our insurance specific APIs.