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Save Over 35% of the Cost and 39% of the Overall Time Spent Analyzing and Interpreting ISO Updates

The Secret to Success with ISO ERCTM is choosing the right ISO ERCTM partner

ISO Electronic Rating Content (ERC)™ is an excellent solution for insurance carriers. It enables carriers to spend less money, and save time implementing ISO updates and managing carrier deviations. Taking advantage of this technology requires working with the right technology platform and partner.

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Benefits of Solartis Consumption of ISO ERC™

State-of-the-art technology

Move away from your monolithic ratings and/or policy administration system. Take advantage of all the benefits microservice technology has to offer.

  • Affordable
  • Short Project Timeline– 90 days or less and you are ready to test.
  • 85+ microservices that support the full policy life cycle process. Use just our rating services or our full policy life cycle capabilities.
  • Solartis microservices are accessed via API calls or through a Solartis provided user interface./li>
  • ulti-Channel Support -Use the same microservices in your consumer portals or channel partner technology platforms
  • Lightning-Fast Performance –thousands of vehicles/locations/buildings rated within seconds.

Improve your rate and rule maintenance activities

Solartis electronically consumes the ISO Electronic Rating Content, making it available for your immediate use. 

Use the Solartis Product Management Toolkit to adopt or auto adopt new ISO versions, add your carrier deviations, manage your documents and their forms, test your changes and deploy them to Production. All in our user-friendly toolkit environment.

Control costs and save time

The Solartis Platform, our electronic consumption of the ISO ERCTM content as well as your use of our Product Management toolkit eliminates hundreds of hours of time that can be better utilized improving your product and making the best use of your resources.

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