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Policy Servicing

Customer service doesn’t end at onboarding. Your customers need fast, responsive, accurate service throughout the entire relationship. Solartis offers support for a variety of policy servicing processes to help your business support customers from issuance to termination.

Solartis has the expert resources you need to review and understand your current processes, optimize them with the best combination of human and technology resources, and deliver rapid, accurate, high-quality results.

Our team of highly-trained specialists in P&C policy administration outsourcing can always take on additional tasks, or special projects as needed. Contact us today to learn more about how Solartis Administer can make your business more efficient, profitable, and customer-focused!.



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Ongoing Policy Services Include

1. Endorse

  • Issue Premium / Non-Premium
  • Endorsements
  • Verification and Stamping

2. Renew

  • Generate Non-Renewal Notices
  • Generate Renewal Submission
  • Renewal File Setup

3. Cancel

  • Generate Direct Notice of Cancellation
  • Issue Cancellation Endorsements
  • Issue Rescission Endorsements
  • Issue Lost Policy Release

4. Inspections

  • Inspection Ordering
  • Inspection Report Review
  • Inspection Recs / Discrepancy Follow Ups

5. Loss Runs

  • Renewal Loss Runs
  • Ad-hoc Loss Runs

6. Claims

  • Send Acknowledgement to Agent
  • Send Notice to Carrier

7. CRM

  • Maintain Broker / Agent Details
  • Email to Agents
  • Filing, Sorting, Categorizing & Labeling Correspondence
  • Maintain Insured Details

8. Accounting/Invoice to Cash

  • Data Entry
  • Billing Corrections
  • Commission Corrections
  • Carrier Receivable Reconciliation
  • Carrier Disbursement Reconciliation
  • Vendor Invoice Reconciliation

9. Tax

  • Audit Tax Affidavits
  • File Tax Affidavits
  • Tax Entry to State Systems
  • Tax Entry to Customer Systems
  • Retrieval of Tax Forms for State Submission
  • Send Required Tax Documents to States

10. Data Capture/Data Cleansing

  • Labeling and FIling Documents
  • Policy Entry to Client Database
  • Data Capture for Analytic Reporting