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Our state-of-the-art sales, rating, and policy lifecycle microservice platform.

Solartis offers the largest collection of independent insurance policy life cycle microservices in the market today. Experience our microservices first-hand to see how our modern architecture can support innovation, flexibility, efficiency, and profit for growing insurance organizations.

What to expect

A quick introductory call with a Solartis expert to learn about your tech initiative and to tour you around our three sandboxes:

  • User Experience Sandbox - Try examples of our SaaS systems. Quote, propose, pay and issue test policies on your own using our example product lines.
  • Business Analyst Sandbox - Try out our microservices in our JSON Test Harness
  • Developers Sandbox - Try out our microservices via API calls from your technology platform or via Swagger


Free, limited-time sandbox access for your Insurance System Users, Business Analysts, and Technical Development Teams.

Request access to our sandboxes.

Get started with Solartis.

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We’re not your typical out-of-the-box solution.

Solartis sandbox access is provided to you after an introductory call with Carol McKenzie, VP of Sales and Marketing at Solartis.

Carol’s strong background in insurance and understanding of carrier and agent requirements and goals provides insurance organizations with thoughtful solutions that deliver real business benefits and financial value.

Ready for a test drive?

Choose the sandbox that is right for you.

User Experience Sandbox

Try examples of our Solartis Insure Software as a Service (SaaS) implementations. Quote, propose, pay and issue test policies on your own with our example product lines.

Business Analyst Sandbox

Try our lightning-fast microservices in our test harness. Add your own test data in the JSON request and see the resulting info returned in the JSON response.

  • Rating APIs – Use our rating microservice with example ISO Commercial lines of business or with example customer proprietary product lines.
  • Policy and Forms Issuance APIs –Examples in our sandbox include Policy Document and Auto ID card generation, form selection rules, mandatory rules, and manuscript forms.
  • Metadata APIs - Request and response XML containing Metadata (limits, coverages, and values to be used for your valid values and dropdowns on your UI).

Developers Sandbox
Try out example Solartis APIs with your technology platform or with Swagger. Download the applicable package and quickly enable the sample code in your development environment.

Policy Administration: Monolithic versus Solartis Microservices 

With Solartis Insure, your company can break down monolithic policy administration processes into discrete services, accelerating initial development and maintenance efforts will improving the entire policy administration user experience. Explore Solartis Insure in one of our sandboxes, and see how a rapid, seamless, integrated microservices solution can work for you.

Carol McKenzie, VP of Sales and Marketing, explains how Solartis Insure eliminates the restrictions found in monolithic platforms, reduces system costs, and supports unlimited opportunities for new revenue and growth.