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How can you know if microservices are right for you? Explore the Solartis microservices sandbox and find out! 

Our sandbox allows you to experience Solartis microservices first hand and see how modern software architecture can support innovation, flexibility, efficiency, and profit at your company.

Whether you are interested in how microservices works from a developer, analyst, or end-user point of view, Solartis has a microservices sandbox to meet your needs. Let us demonstrate the value of a microservices architecture in a dynamic, customized environment: and learn more about how microservices drives innovation and speed-to-market.

We have a customized sandbox to meet the specific needs of key stakeholders. Whether you’re working from the perspective of a business analyst, developer, or user, Solartis has the sandbox that can demonstrate the value of a microservices architecture, whatever your needs.

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Business Analyst Sandbox

Request and obtain ISO rating content, using ISO ERC via the Solartis Insure Rating API. This sandbox features a JSON request code that provides sample input/response code, with coordinating response values and premiums.

What Our Users Have Said: 
Solartis Insure is the fastest and easiest way to obtain instant, automatically updated ISO rating content.

Developer Sandbox

Developers are tasked with a difficult balancing act between reliability and innovation. In our sandbox, developers can explore the Sales and Policy Lifecycle Web Services with ISO ERC. Available in either .net or Java, download the sample code package and see what Solartis Insure can do for you.

What Our Users Have Said: 
Solartis Insure is the framework for simple technology integration, delivering innovation, and speed-to-market for developers.

User Experience Sandbox

In this sandbox, you can test out the complete sales and policy administration systems. Compare and contrast different lines of business and user types throughout the quote, proposal, pay and issue policy cycles.

What Our Users Have Said: 
Solartis Insure offers an easy, interactive, efficient dashboard to significantly improve the user experience.

Policy Administration: Monolithic versus Solartis Microservices 

With Solartis Insure, your company can break down monolithic policy administration processes into discrete services, accelerating the entire policy administration lifecycle. Explore Insure in one of our microservices sandboxes, and see how a rapid, seamless, integrated microservices solution can work for you.

Carol McKenzie, VP of Sales and Marketing, explains how Solartis Insure eliminates the restrictions found in monolithic platforms, reduces system costs and supports unlimited opportunities for new revenue and growth.

Monolithic vs. Microservices Video by Carol McKenzie