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Learn how Hackathon winners built innovative insurance applications

The Solartis Microservices Hackathon rewards software developers who most successfully utilized existing Solartis microservices and APIs to deliver useful, impactful, innovative, and well-designed insurance applications.

Insurance Microservices Architecture Hackathon

Participants were given access to following lines and APIs:
  • Travel Insurance - Rating, Create Customer, Pay & Issue APIs
  • Renter Insurance - Rating, Policy Document Generation APIs
  • Professional Liability Insurance - Rating API
All submissions were judged manually by a team of insurance professionals and developers.

There were three main categories for judging a submission:

  1. Usability - does it address a real-world insurance problem?
  2. Creativity - is Solartis Insure being mobilized in an innovative way?
  3. Design - is it user-friendly and intuitive to use?

Winners and Prizes

Gold Prize, $5,000: Abroad Protector

“A hub for University study-abroad programs to provide their students with travel insurance.”

Abroad Protector utilizes Solartis’s travel insurance rating API to assist university administrators in managing travel abroad insurance for students. The application provides premiums based on trip details and available coverages. The trip coordinator can easily:

  • Add and manage students
  • Create study-abroad trips
  • Add students to trips
  • Purchase travel insurance via Solartis with one click
  • Send out "insurance purchased" emails to the students
  • Invite other University coordinators
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Silver Prize, $2,500: Hermes

“Find the perfect insurance plan by talking to this application.”

Hermes uses artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology to create a user-friendly insurance purchasing application. Integrating with Microsoft AI, the user can speak colloquially to an AI assistant for an intuitive insurance purchasing process. The application uses the Solartis Document Generation API to serve up a PDF of the requested policy upon completion.

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Bronze Prize, $1,000: Solartis AI Voice Assistant

“Super easy conversational user interface that helps visitors purchase an insurance.”

In another example of how microservices can enable insurance companies to make use of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, the Solartis AI Voice Assistant focuses on improving insurance consumers’ experience purchasing plans. Conversational UI, voice, and video coupled with AI capabilities creates this smart “insurance assistant”. The application is built through combining natural language processing with existing Solartis rating APIs.

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