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Solartis Platform Monitoring

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The Solartis production support team proactively monitors all customers’ platform usage 24/7 365.

We have various production support teams for managing and maintaining our infrastructure, customer products, and transactions running on the Solartis Insure Platform:

Infrastructure Monitoring

An Infrastructure Monitoring team maintains, manages, and monitors all infrastructure components and elements of Solartis Insure Platform like VMs, Services, Network, Security, Storage, File system, etc.

Business Unit Support

A Business Unit Support team maintains, manages, and monitors all customer-specific business transactions like submissions, quote, policies, endorsements, payments, integration, configuration changes (if required), hotfixes (required), etc.

Application Monitoring

An Application Monitoring team uses our Application Monitoring Tool (AMT) to be proactive versus reactive. It is a tool to monitor all Solartis customers’ production environments. It ensures all application services are always up and running efficiently.

Solartis monitors on a 24/7 basis for potential failures, performance issues as well as failures related to third-party system integrations. The system is used by the Solartis Application Monitoring Team and is extended to Solartis customers so they can monitor their activities themselves.

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