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Solartis is an insurance technology provider that has redefined policy administration for established insurance companies and insurtech startups.

Modern Policy Administration Systems


Historically, launching niche insurance products from scratch has been problematic for companies as they have had to rely on monolithic software to manage the insurance policy lifecycle. Monolithic systems prevent established insurance companies and insurtechs from using agile methodologies, launching products to market quickly, and avoiding high overhead operating costs.

Future-forward core insurance systems like Solartis Insure utilize microservices to supports the entire quote and policy lifecycle. Using its microservices catalog, companies can choose from a range of specialized applications to find the best functionality for each feature, and ultimately build insurance products to fit any need.

The Solartis Insure platform frees users from the constraints associated with legacy policy administration systems. For rating, quoting, renewals, issuance, and more, its microservices catalog allows companies to replace expensive components while developing a unique experience for customers.

Insurance technology that utilizes microservices helps established companies and insurtechs to:

  • Launch innovative insurance products in 75 days or less: Use only the services you need to build high-performing products.
  • Unrestricted methods to sell insurance products and insurance services: B2C, B2B, Chatbot, channel partner and third party technology platforms

  • Build better customer-facing products:  Issue your insurance products with your branding and your unique look and feel.   
  • Optimize speed and performance: See an increase in application speed and quote delivery by up to 100%.

Technology continues to have an impact on the insurance industry, and as changes occur, with the emphasis on the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and artificial intelligence continuing to grow, companies need to develop new insurance products quickly to keep up with competitors.

Insurance technology like Solartis Insure utilizes flexible deployment options. Whether you are building your policy administration from the ground up or are looking to supplement existing components, our team of experts can meet your business strategy wherever you are.

To learn how to use policy administration microservices for your sales, quote and policy lifecycle process, get in contact with a member of the Solartis team today.

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