Insurance Software Solutions for Insurtech Companies

Transform insurtech offerings with Solartis: policy administration solutions built on a microservices architecture.

Solartis is an insurance technology provider that has redefined policy administration for established insurance companies and for insurtech startups. 

Modern Policy Administration Systems

Insurtech companies compete with traditional insurers by leveraging technology and innovation. This has traditionally been difficult for existing insurance companies, as legacy systems have been difficult - and expensive - to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.  Monolithic systems prevent established insurance companies and insurtechs from using agile methodologies, launching products to market quickly, and avoiding high overhead operating costs.

However, a policy administration lifecycle built on a microservices architecture allows both established insurance companies and insurtech startups to support the entire quote and policy lifecycle. Using a microservices catalog, companies can choose from a range of specialized applications to find the best functionality for each feature, and ultimately build insurance products to fit any need.

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Learn more about the changing insurance landscape and get an overview of Solartis Insure: Microservice-enabled policy administration software. administration software.

Custom Technology Solutions for Insurtechs

Download the eBook, “Microservices Architecture and the Insurance Paradigm Shift” to learn more about how the insurance industry is changing, and the ways that today’s trends will affect the future of insurers, agents, and brokers.

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Solartis provides insurance software solutions built on a microservices architecture.

Solartis insurance software solutions are built on a microservices architecture that provides the flexibility to deploy innovative applications quickly, on a flexible framework that makes it easy to adapt to future needs.

  • Launch innovative insurance products in 75 days or less: Use only the services you need to build high-performing products.
  • Get to market quickly to beat competitors: Microservices integrate with APIs from other industries to meet any business need.
  • Build better customer-facing products: Utilize custom product options to generate business at the point of need.
  • Optimize speed and performance: See an increase in application speed and quote delivery by up to 100%.