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Insurtechs compete with traditional insurers by leveraging technology and innovation. Solartis, an insurance technology company, provides insurtech organizations with access to microservices for policy administration: a cheaper, faster, and more customizable alternative to legacy systems.

Microservices give insurtechs the flexibility to deploy applications quickly and to their specifications. Insurtechs' adoption of microservices results in a competitive advantage against traditional insurers who continue to use outdated core insurance systems.

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Custom Technology Solutions for Insurtechs

Solartis’ microservices have helped insurtechs gain a foothold in the insurance industry. Administering a wide range of insurance products from small commercial insurance to youth sports injury management, Solartis provides the backend and technological foundation for new-age insurance applications. Partners select and pay for only the microservices they require from our microservices catalog.

Hear from Tyrre Burks, an insurtech founder, on how microservices impact his ability to focus on what's most important for his company Player's Health. This clip is taken from Solartis's workshop at ITC 2018.

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benefits of insurance microservices

Insurtechs that partner with modern policy administration system providers use microservices for custom builds that increase speed-to-market and decrease costs. Microservices enable insurtechs to create customer-facing insurance or brokerage applications that are easily accessible from any device and are hosted in the cloud.

To learn more about microservices and their application to the insurance industry, download our resource.

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