Book | Microservices Architecture and the Insurance Paradigm Shift

Legacy, monolithic systems decrease efficiency and greatly increase time to market for new insurance products.

Future-proof your insurance system with modern, microservice-enabled, and market-tested policy administration software.

Digitization, mobilization, and emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are forcing insurance companies to rethink their traditional roles and business models entirely.

However, legacy policy administration systems limit how much an insurer can extend with these emerging technologies. Insurers who try to fit new products into old software standards will lose time and money and lose out on the first-mover advantage.

Download the eBook to learn how leveraging microservices can help your insurance company get products to market faster, create new revenue streams, and generate more cost savings.

Start Leveraging Microservices – Download the eBook

Learn how to future-proof your insurance system and avoid wasted time and money.

Launch products faster, decrease dependence on inflexible monolithic systems, and increase developer efficiency.

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In this eBook, we'll discuss the following:

  • An overview of the changing insurance landscape

  • Insurance trends in support of microservices

  • Driving P&C ROI with microservice architecture

  • An overview of Solartis Insure: microservice-enabled and market-tested policy administration software

Insurance Microservices

Solartis offers all the policy administrative microservices needed to build a completely custom, scalable, and API-centric insurance and service contract platform. 

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Why Choose Solartis?

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As Agile As Insuretech With Traditional Insurance Expertise.

Solartis marries future-proof and cutting-edge software with extensive traditional property and casualty insurance experience.

Solartis microservices are independently deployable applications which support the entire insurance policy lifecycle including submission, rating, quoting, document generation, and billing functions. 

For use cases of the technology and to learn more about microservices, download the eBook