How Modern Insurance Policy Administration Systems Drive Speed and Innovation

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In this one-pager, you will gain insights into the benefits of the three main elements in a policy administration technology platform: 

  • Microservices Architecture
  • Cloud-based Policy Administration System
  • Third-party Services and Content Providers

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Get Ahead Of the Competition With a Modern Insurance Policy Administration System

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58% of insurance company executives acknowledge their sector is behind other financial sectors with digital technology (Willis Tower Watson, 2017). 

Jumpstart your company's transition to a modern insurance policy administration system and gain a competitive advantage. 

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Hear What the Experts Are Saying 

In this video, Solartis customer Mike Toran, VP, and CIO of Starr Companies discusses the challenges insurance organizations face when undergoing digital transformation and how to overcome those challenges. 

Mike leads the global technology and systems infrastructure for the insurance organization.