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Set processing goals and Improve leadership’s visibility into all your insurance administrative tasks

Solartis Administer a true people + technology solution

Solartis Administer is more than just a people solution. We are a technology and people solution. We give you access to our OptimX (proprietary workflow engine) to provide you with total transparency into all our activities. View real-time reports and drill down into our BPO activities on all tasks we process for you. We can also extend OptimX for your use so we can coordinate all tasks associated with your full policy life cycle process whether they are performed by your team or ours.

Why OptimX, from a Management perspective?

  • Track the current Tasks to be completed
  • Review performance for various processes - SLA’s
    • Date Range
    • Multi-level drill-down
  • Identify potential areas for improvement (Exception reductions, SOP Enhancements)

Establish turnaround time targets for administrative processes and measure the results.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are agreed upon on day one of a Solartis BPO partnership. That lays a foundation to be closely tracked and eventually achieved. Here are some examples: 

  • Eliminate administrative backlog by 100% within a 4-week period of time. 
  • Process the average Submissions/Clearance transaction in just 2 hours
  • Issue policy documents within 1 business day. 

Our customer’s leadership and management teams leverage OptimX, Solartis’s proprietary workflow and reporting engine, to view real-time reports and BPO activities on all tasks we process for you. Our commitment to data-driven decision making and clear goal-setting provides a strong foundation for measuring the ROI of insurance business process outsourcing investments.

Solartis Administer emphasizes transparency through collaborative discussion, service level agreements, and state-of-the-art technology reporting tools.

Clear & Transparent BPO Reporting

Turnaround Time

We provide real-time access to view turnaround times on key processes. Generate daily, weekly or monthly reports on performance and reliability.

Quality & Accuracy

Monitor data entry and policy accuracy and improve outcomes iteratively over the course of our BPO partnership.

Business Volume

See the impact of Solartis Administer’s economies of scale as your processing volume increases steadily.

Discover which KPIs are most valuable to your organization and let's get to work.

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