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Set processing goals and Improve visibility into all insurance administrative tasks

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Solartis Administer a true people + technology solution

Solartis Administer is more than just a people solution. We are a technology and people solution. We give you access to our OptimX (proprietary workflow engine) to provide you with total transparency into all our activities. View real-time reports and drill down into our BPO activities on all tasks we process for you. We can also extend OptimX for your use so we can coordinate all tasks associated with your full policy life cycle process whether they are performed by your team or ours.

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OptimX - Realtime Visibility and Reporting

Eliminate Challenges with Visibility

  • Where is a single task at a moment in time?
  • Where do bottlenecks occur?
  • What are the completed and pending tasks?
  • Turn Around Times per transaction or per process

Immediate Workflow Adjustments

  • Automatic task assignment and reassignment
  • Turnaround times based on rules for each task type
  • The ability for management to adjust priorities
    • Pivot work
    • Pivot resources

Full Reporting

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Pending and Completed tasks with turnaround times
  • Aging items
  • Quality reporting at the process level
  • Audit trail for an individual task
  • Exception analysis

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P&C Insurance Challenges


Establish turnaround time targets for administrative processes and measure the results.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are agreed upon on day one of a Solartis BPO partnership. They lay the foundation that is closely tracked and eventually achieved. Here are some examples:

  • Eliminate administrative backlog by 100% within a 4-week period of time.
  • Process the average Submissions/Clearance transaction in just 2 hours.
  • Issue policy documents within 1 business day.

Our customer’s leadership and management teams leverage OptimX to view real-time reports and BPO activities on all tasks we process for them. Solartis is committed to data-driven decision-making and clear goal-setting which provides a strong foundation for measuring the ROI of a BPO investment.

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