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Solartis Administer BPO Guide

Solartis Administer: Next-Gen BPO with a People + Technology Solution

BPO can help P&C insurance companies eliminate administrative backlog, improve turnaround times, and streamline operational processes for better customer satisfaction.

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Learn how to elminate administrative backlog.

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Solartis Administer is a true people + technology solution

By combining best in class human resources with a purpose-built, proprietary workflow engine Solartis helps accelerate BPO benefits.

The OptimX workflow engine provides total transparency and real-time information at the overview and task level, to bridge the gap where traditional BPO falls short.

In this offer, you will learn:

  • Signs that you need BPO
  • When to consider changing BPO providers
  • Benefits of Solartis Administer

Optimize your investment in BPO with a people + technology solution. 

Business Process Outsourcing

With Solartis Administer, our BPO solution, your company will realize immediate benefits in lower costs, reduced turnaround time, and eliminating the administrative backlog. The addition of OptimX allows total transparency and real-time reporting, for analytics, insight, and improved data-driven decision-making.

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Or watch the video to hear from Solartis CEO, Nick Richardson, as he details how Solartis Administer works side by side with operational and underwriting staff to free them from time-consuming administrative activities.