Toolkit to Configure and Maintain Insurance Products

The Solartis Builder

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The ultimate toolkit for business users to create and manage Personal and Commercial P&C insurance products.

All Solartis insurance products are developed and maintained in the Solartis Builder. This toolkit is built specifically for insurance, and just like Solartis Insure, with true cloud services and no legacy applications.


Easily configure and maintain personal or commercial proprietary insurance products. Solartis Builder streamlines insurance product management for users without technical expertise, including insurance product managers, business analysts, and actuarial and regulatory staff.

Start with a foundation

Solartis electronically consumes the ISO Commercial Lines content into our platform so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Simply add your carrier rate and rule exceptions, add your carrier proprietary documents and forms, then test and deploy.

Single environment

Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional product development processes. With Solartis Builder, business users can change, test, and deploy into production within a single environment without any assistance from DevOps.

Solartis Builder Components & Capabilities Overview

Create Insurance Products

New insurance products can be either configured from scratch or can be created from other product content or bureau-based content like ISO ERC.

Solartis digitally consumes all the ISO ERC countrywide & state files (and all its versions) into the Solartis platform. (i.e., States, coverages, rate tables, UI/UX pages, and their attributes, algorithms, forms selection rules, and stat codes). Solartis then uses the Solartis Builder to configure your carrier exceptions, eligibility, and referral processing rules as well as your carrier-specific policy documents and their associated forms. All initial release testing and deployment to production are performed in the Solartis Builder by Solartis.

Maintain Product(s)

An MGA / Carrier uses the Solartis Builder to manage all aspects of their insurance products; they can adopt or create new product versions, maintain states, coverages, rate tables, lookup tables, UI/UX pages and their attributes (metadata), all policy documents and their associated forms, as well as the processing rules and algorithms.

Test and Promote

Solartis has one environment for development, testing, and production. Changes are created, tested, and deployed into production using the Solartis Builder by business users without any assistance from DevOps.

Activity Log

Solartis Builder provides a full audit trail of all changes made to insurance products, as well as who performed the changes and when.

Take a tour of the Solartis Builder

Click the link below and take a video tour of the Solartis Builder and learn how you can quickly and easily maintain all aspects of your insurance products.

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