The Solartis Product Management Toolkit.
Not just one step ahead; ten steps ahead.


The toolkit used by Business Analysts to create and manage both Personal and Commercial P&C insurance products in the Solartis Platform.

Create Insurance Product(s): Start by creating a new insurance product. The product can be either configured from scratch or can be created from base insurance content like ISO ERC.

Complete Library of ISO ERC content: Solartis digitally consumes all the ISO ERC countrywide and state-specific files into the Solartis platform. Via our PMT, all ISO ERC content (states, coverages, rate tables, algorithms, forms selection rules, and stat codes) is easily accessible for our customers to manage and use. You can view, work, analyze, and manipulate all the ISO data across all states via a graphical representation of the data or through downloadable spreadsheets. Simply add your carrier rate and rule exceptions and your carrier-specific forms, then test, and deploy your ISO based product(s) into production.

Maintain your Product(s): Once you’ve created your product(s), use the PMT to manage all aspects of your insurance products; create new product versions, manage the states you write in, update your coverages, rate tables, documents, forms, and algorithms. If you are using base product content like ISO ERC, this is where you adopt new ISO versions and where you maintain your carrier deviations and exceptions.

Test and Promote: The PMT is also where you test all your changes to make sure they are accurate, you then promote your changes from a development environment to test to live.

Activity Log: Our PMT provides a full audit trail of all changes made to your insurance products, as well as who performed the changes and when.

Built for insurance: The Solartis PMT (just like the Solartis Insure microservices) is built by insurance industry experts with decades of experience. Our technology is built with true cloud services, and no legacy applications.

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Easily manage product changes, coverages, rate tables, valid values, forms, documents and algorithms

Start with a foundation 

The Solartis PMT provides the full library of ISO Electronic Rating Content, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Simply add your carrier rate and rule exceptions, add carrier forms, then test and deploy.

Built for insurance

The Solartis PMT was built by insurance industry experts with decades of experience. Our technology is built from the ground on state-of-the-art cloud technology, with no legacy applications.

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