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We work with both established insurance companies and insurtech startups

Solartis has enabled microservice architecture for a wide range of P&C insurance industry customers

Many insurance companies today rely on monolithic software to manage the insurance policy lifecycle. Solartis partners with established insurance companies and new insurtech startups to accelerate speed-to-market and reduce the overhead costs associated with traditional policy lifecycle implementations.

We enable our customers to keep up with the rapidly changing insurance market — their creativity is the only limit to their capabilities. Our customers can choose from our microservices catalog to build smart, fast, insurance applications for rating, quotes, renewals, and more. We enable companies to implement lightweight platforms designed to fulfill insurance needs quickly, using only what’s necessary and eliminate the slow and cumbersome IT processes of the past for good.

Established Insurance Companies

Established Insurance Companies

Most insurers today rely on monolithic software to manage the insurance policy lifecycle. But when it comes time to launch new insurance products or update existing ones, they’re faced with a slow speed-to-market, low agility, and high overhead costs. The Solartis microservices platform lets insurance companies automate new or smaller insurance products in the cloud faster and more scalably than on existing monolithic platforms.

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Insurtech Startups


Many Insurtech startups are starting from scratch with launching innovative or highly specific insurance products. The Solartis microservices allow for unlimited creativity with the UI and delivery of insurance products. Insurtechs can rely on Solartis with our years of experience baked into our insurance microservices model.

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“Solartis really understood the insurance business and what we were trying to achieve. They gave us very strong and helpful input on how to proceed with respect to our current specifications and anticipated enhancements."

"Sometimes these projects can become IT- centric, or underwriting-centric, or administrative-centric, but Solartis had the very good sense of how to effectively blend and balance the needs of all three of these constituent groups. Additionally, Solartis was effective in developing creative business solutions on various programming issues that arose.”


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President and CEO, Seneca