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Supported Insurance Products

Dramatically reduce the cost and time to launch and manage insurance products with our library of Commercial and Personal P&C lines of Business and our ISO integration

Solartis electronically consumes the ISO Electronic Rating Content into our microservices platform within 24 hours of new releases.

Solartis has cracked the code for automating ISO Electronic Rating Content into your insurance products. We automatically update our platform with the latest updates within one day so that you can focus on the carrier exceptions unique to you — which you can easily manage in our Self-service Toolkit.

Solartis supports all Commercial and Personal P&C Lines of Business. For all products, Solartis Insure enables product versioning, product cloning, and the reusability of component coverage configurations so you can launch new P&C products in record time.

Newly configured products are provided in our sandbox early on, so you can test and sign off on them. This, in turn, shortens the implementation timeline and reduces your application testing activities.

Solartis Insure is in production with the following lines of business:

Commercial Liability (General, Environmental, Professional, Special Event)

Commercial Package

Crime & Fidelity

Commercial and Personal Accident & Health

Commercial Property

Workers’ Compensation

Commercial and Personal Inland Marine

Homeowners / Dwelling Fire

Commercial Auto

Business owners

Commercial and Personal Excess/Umbrella


The Secret to Success with ISO ERC™

ISO ERC™ can help insurance carriers save over 35% of costs and 39% of time spent analyzing and interpreting ISO updates. However, to benefit from this technology, companies must transition from outdated manual practices and embrace the new paradigm.

The key to success in this new paradigm? Selecting the right technology platform and partner.

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