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Solartis Administer is our BPO solution for any insurance administration task.


How Solartis Administer Solves Common BPO Challenges

With Solartis Administer, our BPO solution, your company will realize immediate benefits in lower costs, reduced turnaround time, and eliminating the administrative backlog. The addition of OptimX allows total transparency and real-time reporting, for analytics, insight, and improved data-driven decision-making.

In this video, Solartis CEO, Nick Richardson, details how Solartis Administer works side by side with operational and underwriting staff to free them from time-consuming administrative activities. 

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Solartis Administer Overview
Insurance BPO Business Process Outsourcing

We work with underwriters and operational staff to eliminate the administrative backlog.

Solartis team members work directly with operational and underwriting staff to minimize time-consuming administrative activities. We are experienced in every task associated with insurance policy administration and many other activities.

The majority of our outsourcing relationships begin with a single business process or task, so you can assess our capabilities, the quality of our team, and the accuracy of our work without making a substantial commitment.

We start with a systematic verified approach that enables our teams to transition their administrative activities efficiently and accurately. Once Solartis BPO services are in place, our Service Level Agreement, quality control procedures, and workflow and reporting tools ensure accuracy, timeliness, and total transparency, of your administrative tasks and activities.

Technology alone is not always the answer. Consider insurance BPO services when:
  • You are tied to an outdated system and administrative activities are impacting customer service, quality, or your ability to grow.  
  • The size of your book or program doesn’t yet justify the cost of a technology solution.
  • You are in transition to a new technology platform and need temporary operational assistance.
Pay-Per-Use Pricing Model

Solartis pricing is transaction-based so you only pay for what we process for you. This saves you money compared to a traditional FTE model where you pay whether there is work available or not.

Issue policy documents accurately and immediately

Solartis Administer provides flex operational capacity to scale quickly for busy periods, to enable you to issue policy documents on-time.

Spend more time on what you do best

We understand that the amount of work done can vary daily. Our experienced staff is trained on many vendor and in-house systems so you can get back to focusing on core business initiatives and leave the administrative burdens on us.

Understand the Problems You'll Solve by Partnering with Solartis for Insurance BPO

Solartis has both the people and the tools to ensure your insurance organization is ready for maximum impact and profitability.

We offer best-in-class insurance BPO services which will eliminate your backlog in weeks. And, gain access to on-demand staffing resources that account for fluctuating business volumes.

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