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Save time and resources when adopting new ISO ERC content for your insurance products electronically.

Support your ISO-based commercial lines rating and policy administration in a modern API-centric platform.

If you are looking for a fast, simple, and cost-effective way to configure and maintain an ISO commercial lines rating or policy administration system, look no further.

  • Solartis has cracked the code in electronically consuming ISO commercial lines content into our microservice platform making it available for your immediate use.
  • Use our Solartis Builder to adopt new ISO versions, add and maintain your carrier exceptions, and create and maintain your policy documents and their associated forms. Our Solartis Builder is also used to test your premium calculations and rules and to deploy your changes from DEV to TEST to LIVE in a single environment.
  • Solartis has over 85 microservices that support the full ISO commercial lines rating and policy administration process. Access our microservices via API calls or through Solartis provided screens.

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Simplify ISO Commercial lines implementation and maintenance.


Easily manage, test and promote product changes, coverages, rate tables, valid values, forms, documents and algorithms

Start with a foundation 

The Solartis Solartis Builder provides the full library of ISO Commercial lines Content, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Simply add your carrier rate and rule exceptions, as well as your proprietary documents and forms, then test and deploy.

Built for insurance

The Solartis Builder was built by insurance industry experts with decades of experience. Our technology is built from the ground on state-of-the-art cloud technology, with no legacy applications.

Solartis electronically consumes the ISO Electronic Rating Content into our microservices platform.

We automatically update our platform with the latest ISO updates, so you can focus on your carrier exceptions and proprietary documents and forms that are unique to you.

Solartis supports all Commercial and Personal P&C Lines of Business. For all products, Solartis Insure enables product versioning, product cloning, and the reusability of component coverage configurations so you can launch new P&C products in record time.

Examples of configured products and individual microservices are provided in our Sandbox so you can try them out on your own.

The Solartis Builder is used by Business Analysts to create and manage both Personal and Commercial P&C insurance products in the Solartis Platform.

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