Our use of the ISO Commercial Lines content is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Solartis electronically consumes ISO’s rating, algorithm, form selection, and statistical content into our platform.


Accelerate requirements definition. Quickly determine the base ISO content you need and easily add your exceptions and deviations.


No more individual countrywide and state files. In a single view, see which states adopt the Countrywide ISO content and which states differ.

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Support your ISO-based commercial lines rating and policy administration in a modern API-centric platform.

The Solartis Product Management Toolkit is used by Business Analysts to create and manage both Personal and Commercial P&C insurance products in the Solartis Platform.

Take a video tour of the Solartis Product Management Toolkit and learn how you can quickly and easily implement and maintain your ISO Commercial lines insurance products.

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A game-changer feature of the Solartis Platform is our consumption and use of ISO Electronic Rating Content (ERC) for ISO Commercial Lines of Business.

Solartis engineers have spent the past three years ”cracking the code” on how to natively consume ISO digital rating, algorithm, form selection, and statistical coding data. The result is an ever-growing library of pre-configured pure ISO Commercial Lines of Business versions with the latest ISO Circulars and updates.

We take the electronic content from the hundreds of ISO ERC files, consume it into our platform, and make it usable and accessible to you in any way you want to see it. Using our Product Management Toolkit (PMT) you can view, work, analyze, and manipulate all the ISO data across all states via a graphical representation of the data or through downloadable spreadsheets. 

ISO ERC Graphic

Sifting through dozens of complex spreadsheet files is over; Solartis PMT streamlines the process of analyzing the base ISO content, adding your carrier deviations and exceptions, testing, and promoting your changes from a development environment, to test to live. All in a user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art tools.

Traditional ISO
  • Dozens of departments involved in consuming thousands of pages of circular data 
  • Spend upwards of 1,300 manhours to complete a product change based on new ISO content
  • Analyze hundreds of non-executable ISO ERC files depending on states and coverages 

  • Mitigates the burdens of traditional methods for using ISO content, but does not eliminate them


Solartis Consumption of ISO ERC
  • View, analyze, and manipulate commercials LOBs content across all states from a graphical representation or downloadable spreadsheets. 

  • Solartis PMT, a user-friendly cloud-based software to build and maintain insurance products with ease

  • Executable ISO Electronic RatingContent via Solartis API calls

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  • Or let us demo to you our Product Management Toolkit (PMT) where Business Analysts create and maintain proprietary and ISO-based insurance products.

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