Case Study

Next-Level Digitization for ISO Electronic Rating Content by SMA

Solartis has partnered with Starr Companies to support a new small business initiative. Starr’s use of microservices enabled the multi-threaded rating calls necessary to support a digitally delivered business.

Benefits of the ISO ERC Automated Maintenance Feed Enhancement:

  • Reduced time to automate ISO rating content Operational efficiency
  • Compliance friendly
  • Decreased chance of rate/ rule interpretation errors
  • Shifting staff to more valuable roles

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Download the Case Study

Improved Roll-Out of ISO ERC Updates Lead to Results for Starr Companies



Download the Case Study: Next-Level Digitization for ISO Electronic Rating Content by SMA

Download the Case Study 


Solartis Insure's microservices architecture makes it easy to deploy applications quickly. Starr Companies benefited from improvements in digitization for ISO Electronic Rating Content.

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