5 Administrative Challenges COOs Face and How to Solve Them

August 2, 2019 | by Solartis

Insurance executives at major carriers and MGAs today face several difficult challenges, all of which can be easily solved by outsourcing business processes to a trusted BPO provider. Here are five examples.

1. Staffing becomes a “revolving door”.

Ambitious entry-level employees hoping to rise to higher positions in operations or underwriting are drowning in the repetitive manual work associated with back office administrative tasks like setting up submissions, issuing policies, and pulling loss runs. As a result, employee turnover is high while retention is low. 

After getting trained by the company and working in data entry for a few months, your new solid performer wants promotions. If they aren't promoted, they leave the company entirely all too often. By removing the burden of menial work, you can keep more employees on board.

2. Hiring and operational costs are rising.

Salaries for administrative jobs keep rising. Meanwhile, it’s estimated that the cost to replace an administrative employee earning between $30,000 to $40,000 is $8,000, or 20 percent of their annual salary. So retaining capable employees benefits you financially. But you need to keep them happy and motivated to retain them.

Other cost efficiencies can follow because BPO also boosts staff morale and productivity. By outsourcing repetitive data entry tasks, your employees can focus on more strategic underwriting or customer service-oriented activities.

Watch the video below to hear Nick Richardson's (Solartis CEO) perspective on why Solartis Administer is the optimal BPO partner for you.

HubSpot Video

3. Lagging turnaround times grow the backlog and harm your customer relationships.

With existing employees overwhelmed by monotonous and draining work, and many of them exiting through the revolving door, companies tend to suffer backlog and fall behind in issuing policies. The timeliness and quality of your policies impacts how the industry perceives you and your service levels.

BPO can provide consistent quality and turn around for production so you can provide your customers with grade A service. With centralization in place, an outsourced BPO solution like Solartis Administer is able to deliver policies within 24 hours at 100 percent accuracy.

4. Competition is becoming more fierce within the P&C insurance industry.

Other companies in the industry, facing similar challenges, are turning fast to BPO outsourcing. While some skeptics remain, research by Celent documents that insurers’ attitudes toward BPO viability have shifted in a positive direction in recent years. 

In 2017 of insurers surveyed said they are “true believers” in BPO, while another 30 percent responded that they “like the idea of” BPO. So even if your insurance organization is not outsourcing business processes, some of your competitors are. While other companies reduce costs and streamline operations, you are not obtaining the same advantages. Do you ever wonder how your competitors are achieving such incredible service standards?

5. Operational leadership lacks reporting transparency and valuable insights.

How many policies did we issue this week or month? Were the turnaround times (TAT) met? What was the error rate? How can we improve? Solartis Administer will let you know the answers and help you work on achieving better performance day after day.

Have you tried BPO and hated it? Your provider wasn’t Solartis. Your operations unit will never run more smoothly and be more transparent. The reporting and total transparency provided by Solartis far exceeds other BPO providers.

To learn more about Solartis Administer’s BPO track record, download our BPO Fact Sheet.

Download the Fact Sheet

If you’re still uncertain about whether to proceed with BPO, we suggest that you begin gradually. Try out BPO with one business process, such as issuing certificates of insurance, clearing submissions or issuing policy documents. Then look at the results and determine whether outsourcing can work well for your company. Very likely, it can. To start a conversation, submit the form here and speak with one of our business process outsourcing experts.

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