Removing Resistance: How BPO Complements (Rather than Replaces) Insurance Staff

Organizations that float the idea of outsourcing to their staff are often met with resistance. This can make transitions to new ways of working difficult, as employees who resist change can — intentionally or not — undermine changes that could actually be beneficial for them, like partnering with a BPO provider.

Resistance to BPO

This resistance is common for insurance businesses looking to outsource administrative processes. Outsourcing is linked in the minds of employees with replacement — the idea that if the burden of administrative tasks is lifted, internal employees will no longer be needed.

To counter this resistance effectively, it is important to frame outsourcing in a way that focuses on the benefits to the organization, and to the employees themselves.


Countering Employee Resistance to BPO 

Consider the source 

When confronted by resistance - your own or your team’s - consider questions including:

  • "What is their/my resistance to this? What outcome is causing them to worry?"
  • “What am I focusing my time on that distracts me from doing my job better? From getting more done? From being the ultimate version of what I need to be?” 
  • “Are the tasks I’m afraid of discarding those that will help me reach my potential?” 


Accentuate the positive

Focus on the benefits that BPO provides to employees. The idea that BPO is a vehicle for displacing your existing workforce is a misconception. Instead, it is a strategic move that allows employees to offload low-level, time-consuming, repetitive tasks. This allows them more time to focus on strategic, high-level outcomes like customer service — including tasks that are ultimately more satisfying to the employee (as well as beneficial to the employer.)

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At Solartis, we are committed to unlocking efficiency and scalability for our clients. Outsourcing non-core functions empowers your in-house staff to focus on strategic initiatives and core business activities that drive value. When businesses streamline processes, implement automation, and optimize workflows with a BPO partner, it creates a harmonious work environment where your staff can thrive while maintaining a strong sense of ownership over their work.


Unlock employee potential

By leveraging industry expertise and specialized resources, a transition to BPO with a partner like Solartis can be rapid, efficient, and happen with minimal disruption. Our team members possess industry-specific knowledge and cutting-edge technologies including RPA and OptimX, our proprietary workflow engine.

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Our team utilizes best practices honed through countless client engagements. Insurance BPO is not about replacing your insurance staff but about tapping into this wealth of talent and expertise. It is about instituting processes that complement your business objectives, allowing employees to devote time and effort to higher-level considerations. Business process outsourcing enhances existing workforce capabilities, fosters innovation, and drives operational excellence.


Create collaborative culture

Every organization has unique strengths and limitations, and it is essential to recognize this. BPO services act as a catalyst for growth by bridging skill gaps and expanding capabilities. At Solartis, we understand the importance of supporting your insurance staff in areas requiring additional expertise. Collaborating with our BPO experts allows your team to gain new skills, adopt innovative approaches, and deliver enhanced client services. This collaboration enables professional development and expands the organization's capabilities, nurturing a dynamic and skilled workforce.

Collaboration lies at the heart of successful BPO engagements.  When your team works closely with BPO professionals, it opens the doors to a wealth of industry insights and expertise. At Solartis, BPO collaboration embeds “tribal knowledge” into the digested and then implemented workflows guided by our custom implementation and workflow mapping processes.

This collaborative environment creates a dynamic atmosphere where diverse perspectives merge, leading to creative problem-solving and accelerated growth. The goal is to foster a cohesive force where your staff learns from BPO professionals while contributing their unique insights to achieve collective success.


Scalable and adaptive

Adaptability and expansion are critical for sustainable success in a rapidly evolving insurance landscape. BPO services offer the agility and scalability necessary to seize new market opportunities. By partnering with Solartis, you gain access to a flexible workforce that can be quickly scaled up or down based on your business needs. It is easier to launch innovative products, enter new geographies, and optimize operations while maintaining cost efficiency. BPO acts as a catalyst for growth, facilitating strategic business expansion while leveraging the expertise of your existing staff.

How can business leaders recognize resistance to change, so that they can deal with it at their organizations? Some signs of resistance to change include: 

  • Missing important meetings
  • Complaining
  • Failing to meet expectations
  • Not adopting a new process
  • Absenteeism
  • Decision paralysis

While these signs of resistance to change are a problem for the organization, it does not solve the problem to address them specifically. When these actions are rooted in a resistance to change, it’s the source of the problem that must be addressed, rather than the signs. Find out why employees are resisting change and address those concerns directly.

BPO and technology have the power to transform the insurance industry. BPO should not be seen as a threat to your insurance staff but as a catalyst for growth, collaboration, and efficiency. By embracing outsourcing services, you and your team can tap into specialized expertise, unlock efficiency, bridge skill gaps, and drive business expansion while empowering your existing workforce.

If you’re reading this and a leader considering outsourcing, consider the origins of employee resistance. Incentivize your team to support BPO initiatives not just for the benefits that outsourcing can offer the business — but also the benefits to the employees themselves. If you’re an employee, consider what is standing between you and your goals, and think about what you could accomplish with the support of an expert partner in BPO. 


Guide to Insurance Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Your staff's time is valuable. Lift the administrative burden and let them focus on the business and customers rather than repetitive, manual tasks.

Guide to Insurance Business Process Outsourcing

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