Solartis Insure Platform as a Service incorporating ISO Electronic Rating Content

March 22, 2017 | by Solartis

Come visit Solartis at IASA 2017 and see how we cracked the policy administration code. And then some.

Solartis Insure Platform as a Service incorporating ISO Electronic Rating Content

Your team creates the screens, digital content, apps and business processes. We supply the Solartis Insure Platform sales and
policy life cycle micro service APIs.

  • Our proprietary approach digitally consumes ISO ERC directly into the Solartis Insure Platform within 24 hours of its release by ISO.
  • Eliminates 80% of the work needed to configure admitted insurance products.
  • Work in parallel using our exposed sales and policy lifecycle APIs to integrate with your own services and, optionally, your own user interfaces.

The differences in cost, time and performance are staggering.

See the Solartis Insure Platform in action today
and play in our free InsurTech sandboxes!

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The IASA 2017 Annual Conference, hosted by the Insurance Accounting & Systems Association, is an event that strives to enhance the knowledge of insurance professionals, and participants from similar organizations closely allied with the insurance industry by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information. To learn more about the IASA Educational Conference and to register for this event click here.
IASA Conference Booth # 713

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Launch products faster, decrease dependence on inflexible monolithic systems, and increase developer efficiency.

Policy Administration Microservices 


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