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Reporting and Data Analysis - Solartis Insure™

Solartis Insure™


Reporting and Data Analysis

Solartis supports full reporting and analysis on all the data stored or imported into the Solartis Insure Platform. Solartis Insure includes a dedicated reporting database so we can run reports and extract transactional data anytime. This data is populated on a near-real time basis using standard database replication and database triggers and stored procedures.

Solartis uses an open source tool called Pentaho to create and generate reports from the reporting database. We have a number of standard reports currently available to all our customers. These reports include:

  • Activity production Reports
  • Aggregate Reports
  • Hit Ratio Reports
  • Renewal Reports
  • Transaction Reports
  • Invoicing Reports
  • Payment Reports
  • Integration Reports
  • Compliance Reports
  • Claims Transaction Reports (from imported claims data)
  • All Bordeaux Reports
  • Policy Register Reports
  • Profit Center Premium Reports
  • Etc.
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