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February 19, 2017 | by Solartis


Supported Lines of Business / Programs

 We have the full ISO library available in our platform

We natively consume the ISO Electronic Rating Content (ERC) within 24 hours of the ISO version release.

We configure (not code) your carrier product exceptions to ISO in Solartis. These carrier product exceptions sit “on top” of the ISO ERC countrywide and state versions, thus preserving the carriers’ deviations upon subsequent updates to ISO rating content.

Supported ISO ERC Lines of Business Include:
Business Owners
General Liability
Commercial Umbrella
Non-filed Inland Marine
Commercial Auto (CA)
Commercial Auto – OCP (AU)
Commercial Inland Marine
Commercial Package Policy
Commercial Property
Workers Compensation

We also support all non-ISO ERC product lines (your Proprietary products).

Here is a list of the products we currently have in production:

Dwelling Fire
Builders Risk
Vacant Property
Vacant Land
Leisure Travel

Property (Fire, Wind, Earthquake)
General Liability
Environmental Liability
Inland Marine
Package/Programs (including Artisan Contractors, Habitational, Restaurant, Mercantile, and Wholesale)
Workers Compensation
Special Events Liability
Special Events Accident
Business Travel Accident
Student Travel Accident
Sports Team/Camp/School Accident
Group Accident
Individual Accident

Learn more about Electronic Consumption of ISO ERC
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