Spotlight On: BPO Submissions / Clearance Workflows

See how Solartis Administer BPO helped a large wholesale insurance company clear and log 300+ submissions per day with a one-hour turnaround time - with just a two-week implementation timeframe!

How It Started

The client, a large wholesale insurance company, was struggling to process a large volume of submissions without dedicated or centralized staff. Turnaround time (TAT) was slow, quality was inconsistent, and retail agents were suffering from negative customer satisfaction as a result.

What Happened Next?

The client brought their concerns to Solartis, looking for BPO services that would radically improve TAT for submissions and clearance and improve the customer experience.

After the customer demonstrated the process, Solartis hosted a shadow session, where a member of the implementation team participated in actual submissions with live customer feedback. 

Most insurance BPO providers take 6-8 weeks to implement and onboard a new process with large volumes like this. But using Solartis Administer’s expertise and methodology:

The process went live the next day. 

Within two weeks, the customer had fully onboarded the new process to reach a full volume of 300+ submissions per day!

What Changed?

Solartis looks at each client’s process as it is, and optimizes it for the best combination of resources - people and technology - to ensure the highest efficiency, turnaround time, and quality possible.

In this case, the business process did not require changes, or streamlining. Upon evaluation, the answer was to assemble a laser-focused team dedicated to ultra-fast submission processing. RPA was added to handle growing and unexpected volumes and improve SLAs.


With insurance BPO, speed and quality are equally important. It won’t make customers happier to get their documentation faster if it’s not error-free!

This starts with the people Solartis Administer employs in their BPO center and the training that they receive. Solartis Insurance BPO is no churn-and-burn call center with a high turnover: we pride ourselves on hiring the best of the best and creating great, long-lasting relationships with our employees. This benefits our customers because we can provide them with flexible, expert support on request.

To this end, the Solartis new process implementation includes frequent quality checks on our side, particularly at the start. To ensure that our clients are comfortable with the transition as well, Solartis Administer uses proprietary OptimX technology.

OptimX is an easy-to-use, real-time data-gathering, and reporting tool. Customers can review overall process data, or check on a specific customer or task. This allows all parties to maintain control over the outsourced process and provide real-time updates to customers when needed.


At Solartis, we are committed to providing our customers with the information they need to provide excellent products and services to their customers. 

Customers can always access accurate, real-time data through the OptimX workflow engine. In addition, our customers receive:

  • Custom reports showing completed/pending transactions, accuracy reports, and exception percentages and details.
  • Weekly or monthly governance calls for each process.
  • Daily reports as requested.

How It's Going: 

Submissions are processed and cleared within an hour.

That’s right! 1-hour TAT.

This greatly improved TAT has made the company more competitive, providing a far better CX for end users. Additionally, outsourcing submissions/clearance has improved communication between Solartis’ client, the large wholesaler, and their retail agent customers. With information from custom reports and OptimX, the wholesaler has solid data on processing, status, and exception response times for their retail agent customers.

"They are fast, simple, and cost-effective. Their team is an extremely reasonable group of people who care, really care, about your success. Every launch has some bumps - they worked above and beyond to make sure those bumps didn't disrupt our launch or our ability to write new business. Without Solartis, I wouldn't be projecting a 30% increase in topline growth."

said Cameron Linder, CEO, Western Bowling Proprietors Insurance (WBPI), Rednil Insurance Brokers, Inc.


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Learn how insurers and MGAs are leveraging business process outsourcing to streamline operations, gain competitive advantages, and more. 

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