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Capitalizing on insurance BPO eliminates backlog, reduces administrative overhead, and improves turnaround time.

Mitigate the effects of employee turnover in insurance with BPO.

Insurance administrators all face a common challenge; finding and retaining staff for administrative activities.   

This revolving door of hiring, training and staff turnover is expensive, inefficient and hinders your customer service capabilities and growth potential.    

In addition, it’s difficult to staff for seasonality and peak-volume periods as in-house resources are fixed.

Solartis Administer offers on-demand staffing which eliminates hiring, training, and staff turnover costs and allows you to re-allocate resources to higher-value, critical tasks.

Problems We Solve

Slow Turnaround Time

Process transactions with remarkable speed and efficiency for streamlined operations and improved customer experience.

Data Entry Inaccuracy & Errors

Ensure data entry is accurate and errors are fixed at the ground level with Solartis’s proprietary maker/checker model.

Exorbitant FTE Costs

Pay only for the work that is done using Solartis Administer’s transaction-based pricing model.

Understand the problems you'll solve when selecting Solartis as your trusted BPO partner.

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