Insurance Applications Built on Microservices

Solartis opened up selected policy administration microservices to the world in the summer of 2018 for the Solartis Microservices Hackathon challenge. Participants were challenged to use these microservices to solve real-world insurance problems. Submit the form to the right to see what insurance applications were built by developers around the world.

Karlyn Carnahan, Head of America, Property Casualty of Celent, was one of the judges and offers her perspective on winners’ submissions in this eBook. Each application was judged based on creativity, usability, and design.

  • Creativity: Are Solartis Insure microservices being mobilized innovatively?
  • Usability: Does the app address a real-world problem?
  • Design: Is the application user-friendly and easy to use?

To view a complete list of the Solartis Insure microservices, view our Microservices Catalog here.

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Solartis Insurance Microservices

Solartis Insure microservices are independently accessed, managed, and deployed. Their architecture allows established insurers and startups to extend their reach and implement unique strategies for selling and managing their insurance products. Microservices allow for unlimited flexibility as demonstrated by the Solartis Hackathon Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award winners. The benefits of microservices are far-reaching.

Nick headshotHear from Nick Richardson, Solartis President & CEO, on what microservices are and the benefits they provide by watching the video to the right.

This clip is taken from the Solartis ITC 2018 workshop where insurance executives from around the world discussed the reasons why they selected a microservice architecture for their PAS platform.

Download the eBook