Avoid Paperwork Backlog

Insurance Business Process Outsourcing

Avoid insurance paperwork overload, inaccurate manual data entry, and burdensome clerical tasks with proven human solutions.

With Solartis Administer, our BPO solution, your company will realize immediate benefits in lower costs, reduced turnaround time, and eliminating the administrative backlog. The addition of OptimX allows total transparency and real-time reporting, for analytics, insight, and improved data-driven decision-making.

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Learn how Solartis could work with you to free up your staff from time consuming administrative activities. 

Insurance BPO Provides Unprecedented Speed and Performance

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Solartis Administer provides flexible resources, available on demand. Processing requests are handled in real-time, 24 hours a day, resulting in significant time savings for other processes.

Why Choose Solartis Insurance Business Process Outsourcing?

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Solartis Administer solves for a number of issues that impede business processes. These include decreased quality, slow turnaround, more clerical work, high turnover, and growing backlog.

Learn more about Solartis Administer, and why it is the right BPO solution for you.