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Solartis Administer BPO Fact Sheet

Solartis team members work side by side with your operational and underwriting staff. Our goal is to free up your staff from time-consuming administrative activities.  We are experienced in every task associated with insurance administration.

Our pricing is transaction-based so you only pay for what we process for you. This saves you money compared to a traditional FTE model where you pay whether there is work available or not. This is a great model for business that has high-volume periods, like singe date renewal policies or seasonal risks.

Download the Solartis Administer (BPO) fact sheet to understand how you can leverage BPO to beat out your competition.

Download the Solartis Administer BPO Fact Sheet

Learn more about our People+Technology approach to BPO and how it can help your company succeed today.

Business Process Outsourcing Solutions for Insurance

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Download the Solartis Administer BPO Fact Sheet

Solartis Administer BPO is compatible with:

  • Homegrown Carrier/MGA systems
  • Vendor systems
  • Carrier web systems and portals
  • Third-party systems
  • Solartis Insure - a proprietary microservices-based policy administration system

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