WSIA Annual Marketplace 2023

Meet up with Solartis at the WSIA Annual Marketplace 2023!

September 17-20, 2023 | San Diego, CA
Manchester Grand Hyatt and Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

Are you attending the WSIA Annual Marketplace 2023 event in San Diego? Why not schedule a time to meet with the Solartis team? We’d love to speak with you about business challenges and opportunities.

What is the main challenge facing your business in 2023?

    • Modernizing technology
    • Streamlining workflows
    • Controlling costs
    • Maximizing resources
    • Managing labor shortages

These challenges are affecting many insurance businesses right now. Luckily, many of them can be met with the help of a knowledgeable partner with flexible resources and industry expertise.

Is your company is currently focused on:

    • Growing your business
    • Improving the customer experience
    • Increasing employee productivity
    • Maximizing revenue
    • Introducing new products and services
    • Expanding into new markets
    • Cross-selling to your existing customers

Join us at WSIA Marketplace 2023 to talk about how Solartis can minimize anything standing between you and accomplishing any of the above initiatives.

Why you should meet with Solartis:

The perfect blend of support options

Whether you’re looking for a BPO partner for policy administration, or a trusted microservices resource to modernize some or all of your products and services, Solartis has you covered!

Our deep experience and consultative approach mean that we get you the right solution for your specific needs, so you can maximize the benefits of the partnership.


Our BPO and microservices are available as complete solutions or a la carte. Our team takes a deep dive into your current state to help you develop an expert, consultative, customized solution that meets all of your policy administration needs.

Choose just one - or several - or all of our service offerings. No matter your need, Solartis has you covered.

An expert resource

Like you, Solartis has been deeply involved in the changes to the industry. From improving the customer experience to working more efficiently, and engaging a new generation of buyers, there’s never been a more interesting time to be a part of the insurance industry. 

We’d love to get to know you better at WSIA. Schedule a time to meet with a Solartis partner here!


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Use the Microservices You Need to Build Fast and High-performance Products

Insurance Microservices Streamline Policy Administration


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