Case Study: Next-Level Digitization for ISO Electronic Rating Content by SMA

Starr Companies Collaborates with ISO® and Solartis to Support New Small Business Initiative


  • Starr Companies rolled out Business owners Policy (BOP) insurance in 30 states in 4 months through their proprietary internet platform, with full nationwide rollout in 6 months
  • Starr followed with a 50-state General Liability (GL) implementation in 4 months
  • Leveraging the new automated maintenance feed enhancement of ISO Electronic Rating Content™ (ISO ERC) facilitated the complete
    automation of ISO rating content, which has major implications for how ISO rating content can be consumed
  • Solartis Insure is able to automatically consume the ISO rating content delivered via ISO ERC without any human intervention necessary to push the new content live within 24 hours
  • Starr’s use of microservices enabled the multi-threaded rating calls necessary to support a digitally delivered business

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