Announcements / Events | August 18, 2017

Insuretech Connect 2017


Say Hello to Solartis at Insuretech Connect 2017 and see how the Solartis Insure technology fuels the fruits of your labor….

Solartis is an insurance product “enabler” and the first InsurTech that provides immediate access to full sales & policy lifecycle capabilities. We are a collection of microservices (APIs) on the cloud that is available in three delivery models:
  • Rating as a Service (RaaS) - Our rating microservice (API). Integrate with your technology (for your admitted and non-admitted product lines)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Our sales and policy life cycle microservices (APIs) without the user interface. For usage by your IT group, your aggregator, your MGAs, your Brokers and other distribution channels in their technology platforms and/or projects.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - Our microservices including the user interface. We provide it all, from consumer portals to full blown underwriting systems with full user experience.

We have the full ISO library available in our platform

  • We natively consume ISO rates, rules and forms list into our platform within 24 hours of the versions released

Solartis Insure technology is available in our Sandbox Sites for you to try without any sales pressure or interference:

  • User Sandbox - Try examples of our sales and policy administration user interfaces. Quote, propose, pay and issue test policies on your own on our example products.
  • Business Analyst Sandbox - Try our lightning fast rating microservice in our test harness by selecting an ISO ERC version. Test your own data in the JSON request and see the ISO forms list, rates & premium info in the JSON response.
  • Developers Sandbox - Access and use our sales and policy life cycle microservices to rate, quote, pay, bind, issue, endorse, cancel, reinstate, and renew. Download our .NET or Java code snippet and try out our APIs in your development environment.


Schedule time with us in our InsureTech Meeting Pod
ITC Conference - October 3rd and 4th 2017
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

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